Pops of Gold

Dev Heyrana

Dev Heyrana immigrated from The Philippines at the age of 9. She is a full-time Fine Artist, and through art she discovered healing, love, and bravery. She loves working with children and has started free art classes called Color Together,which was featured in ABC’s LOCALISH. Dev’s High School teacher Mr. Giles was an inspiration to her, and she honors him by sharing her love for what Art has done in her life. She also dedicates her time to working with local communities, organizations, and school districts to share her love of Art. Dev believes we have creativity within all of us. She opened a second Library in Walnut Creek in partnership with Rise Up, continuing their message that representation matters in our local libraries.

Hearts in San Francisco Project

The Hearts in San Francisco project debuted in 2004 with 131 heart sculptures, created by local Bay Area artists and auctioned by the Foundation in support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The Foundation raised nearly 3 million dollars for ZSFG in that first year. Today, we carry on this tradition by commissioning and auctioning a new set of hearts each year. The funds raised support those delivering on the promise of accessible and equitable health care for all in our city.

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