Own a piece of San Francisco and Have a Heart for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Hearts in San Francisco represents a city dedicated to caring for each of its citizens. The Hearts are a symbol of pride in a public hospital that is there for every single one of us – whether in times of crisis and trauma, or in every day health.

Each of these hearts symbolizes a commitment to care for all and support for the people and programs on the front lines at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

Show your love for San Francisco and Lead with Heart.

For more information on owning your own Heart Sculpture, please contact Helene Sims, Manager of Events, at hsims@sfghf.org.




2020 Large Heart by Sam Flores Lady in the Dragon

Lady in the Dragon
Sam Flores

2020 Large Heart by Laine Wiesemann Tea Time for the City (back)

Tea Time for the City
Laine Wiesemann



2020 Large Heart by Team Annie I Heart Annie

I Heart Annie
Bonnie Duque, Hannah Sitzer,
Caleb Sheridan, and Gina Privitere

Heartfelt Wisdom
Jeremy Fish



Double Delight
Michael Osborne

There is No Try
Lawrence Noble





Love is the Flower
Brianne Chaney 

Doggy Days
Emerald Maher 

Deborah Shea

Twin Peaks San Francisco
Daniel Tousignant 

Blue True
Jill Wright

Maze Monument to Human Rights
Daniel Crowe

City Lights
Dmitry Grudsky

Chris Cook

Lotus Sutra
Naomi Duben

Community Growth
Vanessa Espinoza

Tracy Fetter

Qualien Heart Quake
Queena Hernandez

Love Wins
Laura Lineback

Jeffrey Thompson

Red + Gold
Brit Howard

Anguished Heart
Robert J. Knight

One Love
MaryAnn Koshiyama

The Island, Only Animals and Nachure Girls Come and Go
Grace Munakata





Shannon Amidon

2020 Mini Heart by Irene Bee-Kain Sister Cities

Sister Cities
Irene Bee-Kain

2020 Mini Heart by Charisse Celestial Mahal

Charisse Celestial

2020 Mini Heart by Sammy Consani Heart Smiles

Heart Smiles
Sammy Consani

2020 Mini Heart by Audrey Cui Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon
Audrey Cui

2020 Mini Heart by Daniela Friedmann Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart
Daniela Friedmann

2020 Mini Heart by Jennifer Maria Harris Launch

Jennifer Maria Harris

2020 Mini Heart by Sophia Lee Heartstrings (back)

Sophia Lee

2020 Mini Heart by Eli Lippert Rise

Eli Lippert

2020 Mini Heart by Caroline Lizarraga The Way to My Heart

The Way to My Heart
Caroline Lizarraga

2020 Mini Heart by Nance Miller Soft Light, First Flight

Soft Light, First Flight
Nance Miller

2020 Mini Heart by Victoria Veedell Night Horizon San Francisco Bay

Night Horizon San Francisco Bay
Victoria Veedell

2020 Mini Heart by Diane Wang Within the Fog

Within the Fog
Diane Wang

Ushua Shukla

Under the Ivy, Entrance to a Secret Garden
Sophia Lee

Ring Through!
J.F. Ellman

Denise Dmochowski

Love the City…Love the Project
Florian Busch

Such Great Heights II
Jamie Kaplan

Such Great Heights III
Jamie Kaplan

Rick Kitagawa

Francis Li

Francis Li

Francis Li

Greenman Heart
Robyn Spencer-Crompton & Peter Crompton

Courageous Heart
Edith Ng