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Predictive Analytics:
Using Artificial Intelligence
for Health Equity

Care for All:
Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Patient Care

Predictive analytics and other technological innovations have the potential to dramatically improve health outcomes. 


Recent innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have made it possible to predict health outcomes reliably. The ability to intervene in an adverse health event, or even prevent that event before it occurs, is a powerful tool in avoiding detrimental health outcomes such as hospital readmission rates and fatalities.


Past models of these predictions have used limited information, including inaccurate or inapplicable data, and often resulted in adverse effects on vulnerable and underserved patient communities. The mandated use of electronic medical records and the incorporation of advanced machine learning techniques has solved these issues, and the accuracy of predictive models continues to increase.


Owing to the notable impact seen thus far, developing predictive analytics platforms for use within other areas of ZSFG is a high priority. By incorporating social determinants of health into machine learning models, the Hospital is able to more quickly and accurately respond to the unique needs of its patients. Deploying this tool more broadly throughout ZSFG and at other safety net institutions will lower adverse health outcomes even further. With strategic investment, there is enormous potential to transform the way in which the very best care is quickly and accurately delivered to those most in need.


San Francisco is the artificial intelligence hub of the world, and this is an incredible opportunity to utilize the intellectual capital of our region to solve some of its challenges. An investment in the latest technological innovations at ZSFG will ensure that San Francisco’s AI boom is broadly beneficial to the city and set the tone for how this technology is used in coming years. Your gift will harness the incredible potential of AI and leverage it for good—the care and wellbeing of all San Franciscans.

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