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At Zuckerberg San Francisco General, healthcare isn’t only about fixing the injured. ZSFG is also dedicated to keeping people well with preventative medicine, children’s wellness checks, and diabetes education. Patients in our community rely on the hospital for everyday health needs—nutritional classes, telehealth appointments from home, exercise programs—provided at a low or no cost.


ZSFG serves our community from the beginning of life in the Family Birth Center through specialized geriatric care. The urgent care facility has been expanded, and the Richard Fine People’s Clinic continues with its rich history of social justice. Patients are better connected to a network of health care because of our hospital’s investment in telehealth and its commitment to supporting wellness at neighborhood clinics throughout San Francisco.


Thanks to you, the Foundation can support ZSFG’s efforts by investing in programs that help meet patient needs: multilanguage education materials, safe rides to the hospital, telehealth training and materials, and supporting staff to better sync with the patient population.

Your gift supports initiatives that are born of necessity, designed by those on the frontlines, and created to meet the ever-changing needs of the ZSFG community.