150 years of facing the latest threat.

In the late 1800s, San Francisco hadn’t seen anything like the Diphtheria outbreak before. And then came Bubonic Plague, Polio, Tuberculosis, and the Spanish Flu.


See a pattern here? We did.


We were here for all of it. And we learned and adapted to every new threat. Looking at root causes in the community. Developing inoculations and distributing vaccines. Creating care where it was needed most. But most of all, tirelessly working to get the city back on its feet.


And today, we’re leveraging all our experience and the latest science to help navigate the ever-changing COVID pandemic. It’s just another example of how Zuckerberg San Francisco General is keeping the heart of San Francisco beating strong.

Help prepare us for the next 150 years.

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Join us as we celebrate our past and plan for a more equitable future.


150 years keeping the heart of San Francisco beating strong.