Kevin Apolinario, RN
Charge Nurse, Children’s Health Clinic 

6M, the city’s busiest pediatric clinic, is so much more than a primary and urgent care clinic. Because of its unique position within the hospital walls, the Children’s Health Center is able to work with specialty clinicians to care for patients on-site – dermatology, cardiology, allergy, radiology, or nutrition, to name a few.  

Kevin Apolinario found quickly that this complex and busy clinic was where he was meant to be.

This feels less like work and more like service – even though it's often chaotic, at the end of the day, I've served the community.

Kevin and his team have the rare opportunity to work with families from birth until their early twenties in some cases – and bring whole-person care to our smallest patients by partnering with families along the way. 

“At 6M, we are a catch-all. We are an urgent care, but we also do so much more – work to catch kids up on vaccines, support newly immigrated families – there are so many things that go above and beyond.” 

Like food pantries in the clinic to address food insecurity. Or backpacks for remote schooling at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

You can tell Kevin is the type to connect with each of his patients – during urgent health care or regular check-ups. His secret? A big smile (with his eyes), a compliment on those cool sneakers, and of course, stickers.