As the Nurse Manager of the HemOnc and Infusion clinics at ZSFG, Alena Maunder oversees a wide variety of patient care – chemotherapy, immunotherapy, transfusions, and other life-saving infusions. And after 15 years, she still feels a strong commitment to serving her patients at ZSFG.

These patients come with their own struggles and have needs beyond their treatment, like transportation, on their path to survival. Our nurses work very hard to ensure our patients are getting the care that they need.

And like many leaders at ZSFG, Alena credits her success to her team of nurses, medical assistants, and the rest of the Hematology/Oncology team, who bring compassion to every patient interaction during a very scary time in their lives.

“I see the value of being at ZSFG – the team, the patients, the services. I feel a part of our successes and am privileged to work here and be a resource for our patients.”

Anais Arriaga, a former patient, cancer survivor, advocate, and volunteer at ZSFG, recently shared her experience of receiving treatment for breast cancer at ZSFG at the 2023 Hearts in SF event. “[The Oncology team] was so amazing with resources like support groups and free meals. I am so grateful for their care.”