As the city’s public hospital, ZSFG intentionally focuses on equity in health care – through patient care, access to resources, and staff development. Serving one in eight San Franciscans, the hospital is also striving to ensure that more providers reflect the patient population we serve. 

The Mahoney REIGN externship began in 2022 to create a pipeline of nurses who will do just that. 

REIGN – Recognize Excellence in Generations of Nursing – Student Nurse Externship Program at ZSFG honors the legacy of Mary Eliza Mahoney, the first African American licensed nurse to have graduated from an accredited school of nursing. 

Today, REIGN is making the profession of nursing more accessible by providing students from underrepresented races and ethnicities the opportunity to gain exposure to public health and trauma care, develop clinical skills and confidence, and build valuable professional relationships. 

Recruiting from nursing schools across the Bay Area, REIGN brought on ten externs from the nearly 130 applications received in its first year. During the 120-hour program, student nurses are not only exposed to five different areas of clinical care but also find support through tuition reimbursement and membership to professional societies. And upon completion, these student nurses are highly encouraged to begin their nursing careers at ZSFG. 

The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is proud to fund this pilot program through Equity and Innovation Grants.

Meet Jennifer Siswandi, student nurse and 2022 Mahoney REIGN extern. 


“I grew up in the Tenderloin –which is really important to my career path. Growing up there and witnessing huge wealth disparities motivated me to go to college. Once I graduated, I found a job working at GLIDE, which inspired me to go into nursing and helped me find my passion for public and community health” 

Jennifer joined the REIGN externship in her final year at San Francisco State University, gaining access to a wide variety of specialties and learning more about the type of nurse she hopes to be. 

“Getting to train at ZSFG was different than my other learning opportunities.  As a student nurse, I felt like people cared about me and my education. It was a great opportunity to learn from experienced nurses.” 

After graduation in May 2023, Jennifer is hoping to gain valuable experience at the bedside before returning to where she began – community health.