A 20-year legacy of Hearts

Beginning in 2004, Hearts in SF has brought together San Franciscans to celebrate San Francisco’s public hospital, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. What began as a lively auction on the ballfield of 130 unique Hearts in San Francisco sculptures has grown to celebrate the Heroes & Hearts of our city.

As we look back at 20 years of celebrations, we are proud to call these Heroes & Hearts recipients a part of that legacy.


Hero & Hearts Awardees

2006: Geoffrey, Manley, MD, PhD, Trauma; Antionette Griffin, RN, CNS, Psychiatry; John Joseph Garrity, SFPD; Charles Faciani, SFFD; Joseph Giacomini, SFFD

2007: Mary Dunnigan, SFPD; Margaret Hagan, Former Patient; Laura Mahlmeister, RN Birth Center; Pat Putney, Occupational Therapy; Neils Tangherlini, Paramedic SFFD; William P. Schecter, MD, Surgery

2008: Alicia Boccellari, PhD, Trauma Recovery Center; Robert V. Brody, MD, Medical Director; Catherine Dukes, Public Safety Communications; Bob Guinan, SFPD; Fernando Hechavarria, SF Street Artist; Judy Luce, Oncology

2009: Ed Marquez, Teacher; Dolph Shapiro, MD, Orthopedics; Ilana Strubel, DVM, VetsSOS; Marlis Tanner, Volunteer; Midge Wilson, BAWCC; Hal F. Yee, Jr., MD, PhD, USCSF

2010: Clem Donahue, MD, Pediatrics; Marsha & Bruce Dyer, Community Activists; Amalia Fyles, Diabetes Education; Sara Miles, The Food Pantry; Michael Reid, The Food Pantry; Tony Stefani, SFFD

2011: Mary Morgan, Behavioral Health Court; Dewey Rosetti, Parents Education Network; Shannon Thyne, MD, Children’s Health Center; John Weidinger, Volunteer

2012: Richard Coughlin, MD, MscPH, Orthopaedics; Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., Project Pull; Martha Ryan, Homeless Prenatal Program; Marlene Tran, Visitacion Valley Asian Alliance

2013: John Cathey, Gang Outreach & Employment Program; David Sands, SFPD; Rochelle Dicker, MD, Trauma, WrapAround; Carol Lam, MSW, Oncology; Rachel Orkand, MSW, LCSW, Oncology

2014: Thomas Perkins, Dudley Perkins Co. Harley Davidson; Joan Varney, Gardener ZSFG; Joe Drake, Wraparound, Omega Boys Club

2015: Diane Havlir, MD, Infectious Disease; Edgar Pierlussi, MD, ACE; Maya Vasquez, RN, HIV/AIDS

2016: Clement Yeh, MD, SFFD Medical Director; Raphael Rockwell, SFPD; James Larson, COT, Ophthalmology; Terry Saltz, ZSFG Facilities; Pam Baer, SFGHF Board Member

2017: Dean Schillinger, MD, RFPC, CVP; Anais Amaya, Program Manager; Jia Min Cheng, Staff Attorney; Margaret Knudson, MD, Trauma Surgery

2018: Karen  Aguilar, DPH Gender Health SF; Caroline Watson, HIVE

2020: Mark Leary, MD,  Psychiatry; Social Medicine Team; Bernard Tyson, MD

2022: Malini Singh, MD, Emergency; Geoff Manley, MD, Neurotrauma; Neil Powe, MD, Internal Medicine

2023: Anais Arriaga, AVON; Merjo Roca, UCC and Vaccine Clinic; Joan Torres, BERT