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Across 49 square miles, we see that our lives are truly intertwined. The health of our neighbors affects us all. With a nearly 150 year history of caring for all those in need, today San Francisco has a world-class public hospital that is ever at the ready to meet the needs of all San Franciscans.  Because of you, we now can rely on a state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to innovative care and health equity. Your support for ZSFG supports all of our health.

Your support for ZSFG supports PUBLIC HEALTH

stock Latino patient COVID

San Francisco is a city that invests in public health. And during a global pandemic, our leaders understood what this city would need to combat COVID-19. Always based on data, science, and facts, San Francisco’s focus on public health made it the first city to shelter-in-place, saving countless lives, and forerunners in public health measures to protect our most vulnerable.


Your investment in a strong public hospital ensured that when our neighbors needed life-saving care, ZSFG was able to answer the call. Research and trials combined with compassionate care to ensure over one in three COVID patients recovered the very best care at ZSFG. And while our teams sprung into action to care for the most critically ill, our clinics continued to be a life-line for our patients, connecting families to food pantries, training patients in telemedicine, and helping our community stay healthy.

Your support for ZSFG supports HEALTH EQUITY

ZSFG patient Yeimy and family

As a city, we value inclusion. Through an integrated network of health clinics and an investment in a public health insurance option, ZSFG is able to provide a complete health solution for working families like Yeimy’s. 


From bringing new life into the world in the Family Birth Center, complete with doulas and midwives in her native language, to pre and post-natal support, to pediatric and family medicine, ZSFG is helping new parents like Yeimy grow healthy families every step of the way.

Your support for ZSFG supports INNOVATIVE CARE

ZSFG patient Joseph

Innovation is happening every day at ZSFG. San Francisco’s public hospital is able to rely on the latest technology to treat anyone who comes through our doors because of the generous investment made in ZSFG, setting the city’s public hospital up as the best place to be in a moment of crisis.


When patients like Joseph suffer traumatic brain damage, one of the nation’s top neurosurgeons is there to save his life with state-of-the-art equipment and protocols. This commitment to innovation runs through every department, from the rehabilitation specialists that helped Joseph regain his ability to walk and talk, to community health workers redefining how and where we deliver health care, to the ground-breaking advancements in HIV/AIDS care.

Your gift supports initiatives that are born of necessity, designed by those on the frontlines, and created to meet the ever-changing needs of the ZSFG community.