• Reusable tote bag featuring select Hearts in San Francisco sculptures. Perfect for carrying your groceries, running errands, and showing your support for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation!
  • JEREMY FISH ― Born in New York, Jeremy has lived in San Francisco for more than 20 years. His work is well known and followed internationally. With a degree in painting and a focus in screen-printing, Jeremy’s education and work experience led to his career as a fine artist and a commercial illustrator. He balances between exhibiting his work both across the U.S. and internationally in galleries, museums and public spaces, while maintaining a presence designing skateboards, t-shirts, vinyl toys, album covers, periodical illustrations, murals, and sneakers. His artwork mainly focuses on storytelling and communication, told through a library of characters and symbols which fall somewhere between all things cute and creepy. He has collaborated with Aesop Rock, Nike, Absolute, Adidas, and many others, and in 2015 was named San Francisco City Hall’s first Artist-in Residence. Most recently he also served as Artist in Residence at Coit Tower. Jeremy’s heart was inspired by the uncertain balance in the current streets of San Francisco. The wisdom, knowledge and ‘tech’ of the owl, sandwiched between the balance of love and the hate—the heart and the skull. It is Jeremy’s personal visual description of the looming good vs. bad vibes that are here in our lovely City by the Bay these days. For more information on Jeremy: www.sillypinkbunnies.com This sculpture is approximately 5 feet tall, 5 feet 6 inches across (at the widest point), on a 36 inches round steel base and weighs approximately 400 pounds.
    Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.
  • One-of-a-kind 2017 Limited Edition Table Heart by Naomi Duben titled Lotus Sutra. This Table Top Heart Sculpture is created with decorative paper, modge podge, oil pastel and spray paint. Her heart, “Lotus Sutra,” is the ultimate image of serenity. The heart is to remind viewers of our roots and source. Rustic browns remind us of earth and the peaceful expression reminds us of the quiet. This piece is a daily reminder to take a break from outside chaos and share a moment with yourself to center, rest, breathe and take on the day. This sculpture is approximately 16 inches tall, 17 inches across (at the widest point), on an 8 x 8 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 25 pounds. Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.
  • RICK KITAGAWA ― Rick is an award-winning visual artist, storyteller, arts educator, and nationally-ranked skeeball roller, who has worked with the likes of Facebook, GAP, Apple, Adobe, Savoir Faire, Jacquard, and KRINK. Both his visual art and written work centers around horror, feminism, and mythology, and the intersections between these themes and their complex relationship with the world we live in. Colorful and figure-dominated, his visual work serves to highlight the female form, balancing sex appeal with danger; innocence with loss. Rick’s series of Hearts were inspired by the geographic changes San Francisco has undergone, starting from a wave-beaten, pre-colonial sandbar, “Past,” to the building of the Golden Gate bridge and the development of SF as an international hub of development, “Present,” to the skyscrapers and modernized big city that has been rebuilt by emerging technology, “Future.” Says Rick, “San Francisco has been an inspirational place to live throughout history, and the abstracted interpretation of its geography through history is my way of trying to invoke the spirit of each era”. For more information on Rick: http://rickkitagawa.com/ This sculpture is approximately 7 inches tall, 6 inches across (at the widest point), on a 3 x 3 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 5 pounds. Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.
  • SID WELLMAN ― Sid is an American Pop and Abstract artist, known for bright colors, bold graphics and his whimsical style. He produces high contrast pop-art from cartoonish to abstracts. Over the years, he has sketched, painted, and sculpted just about everything—as well as created custom bikes, boats and race cars. He has received numerous awards and commissions for art in public places, and his work has been shown at the likes of Gregory Kondos Gallery, Phoenix Show for Uptown Arts, Old Sacramento Waterfront Artfest, Gallery 92, Art on the River, Elk on Parade, Excentrique Gallery, Skinner Howard Contemporary Art Gallery, Adamson Gallery, Rancho Murietta Equestrian Center, Rancho Cordova City Hall, Sacramento Temporary Contemporary Gallery, and in a Sleep Train TV commercial. Sid’s career spans over four decades. He started his first business in 1970 creating custom cars, motorcycles, race cars, and boats, and then, in 1982, he began working as a graphic artist. He began showing fine art in the early 90s, and in 1994 he began his own Graphic Design business with his wife Donine, who is also an accomplished artist. For more information on Sid: www.wellmanart.com This sculpture is approximately 7 inches tall, 6 inches across (at the widest point), on a 3 x 3 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 5 pounds. Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.
  • JAMIE KAPLAN ― Jamie is a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and photographer. She has been deemed a Swiss army knife of visual media, having worked on projects for Lucky Strike, Boudin, Curry Up Now, The Wig Exchange and Vendini. Jamie’s hearts were inspired by the hills of San Francisco. As someone who has always been transfixed by the City, Jamie loves San Francisco’s diverse landscape where residents and tourists alike are enveloped by its inescapable connection to nature within a completely urban space. Her heart series, “Such Great Heights,” takes San Francisco’s topography and removes the busyness, simplifying the image through a process of reduction, in order to show the City’s most striking features and gradients. For more information on Jamie: www.jamiekaplancreative.com This sculpture is approximately 7 inches tall, 6 inches across (at the widest point), on a 3 x 3 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 5 pounds. Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.