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Samanta Tello

Hearts in San Francisco Project

The Hearts in San Francisco project debuted in 2004 with 131 heart sculptures, created by local Bay Area artists and auctioned by the Foundation in support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The Foundation raised nearly 3 million dollars for ZSFG in that first year. Today, we carry on this tradition by commissioning and auctioning a new set of hearts each year. The funds raised support those delivering on the promise of accessible and equitable health care for all in our city.

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The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is proud to help the people who heal people, supporting ZSFG caregivers in their aim to provide the very best care to all who walk through their doors.

Meet the Artist:


Samanta Tello was born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid, Spain, and moved to San Francisco over 20 years ago.


Her current work was inspired by the birth of her daughters and the current political climate. Tello’s artistic focus and inspiration is now about bringing attention to women and girls’ issues, particularly how women have been silenced by patriarchal societies in most cultures, if not all. Tello says, ” My daughters bring me constant inspiration and enthusiasm to keep doing my work and advocate for them, for us.”


It is Tello’s belief, “that we can rise above our anger and remove the barriers to our success – by talking, sharing, communicating our thoughts to each other, redefining our own expectations, and never assuming that we must play fixed, female roles. I am often inspired by the stories, ideas and courage of the women I meet. Every day, I am reminded how women are agents of change. Through my work, I try to send a message of empowerment – graphically demonstrating how our once-silenced voices and unheard ideas, when brought together, can promote strength.”