Health care Equity

The mission of the Comprehensive Breast Care Program at ZSFG is to provide comprehensive breast care, education and research in a compassionate and culturally sensitive environment. The Lymphedema Education and Referral Program (LERP) at ZSFG takes a proactive approach in preventing and treating lymphedema (LE). The program aims to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate lymphedema education, baseline and follow-up screening, and on-site lymphedema rehabilitation. The program’s top priority continues to be providing patients with the best medical and supportive care possible.

Through critical support from the To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation, LERP is better able to provide on-site lymphedema education and treatment to over 30 patients each year, ensuring fewer patients suffer from debilitating health issues due to lack of access to lymphedema garments.

As a result of this continued support, lymphedema education, screening, and treatment have become an integral component of treatment at ZSFG. Focusing on lymphedema prevention and early intervention measures, LERP aims to improve quality of life and ensure patients are able to return to their daily activities with confidence and free of pain.