On May 22, Zuckerberg San Francisco Generals Stroke and Neurotrauma programs held a community outreach event at Bayview Sunday Streets. Over 300 tote bags were passed out to the community, where inside there was information on symptoms of strokes and the importance of calling 911. With the help of the Foundation, volunteers, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the San Francisco Fire Department, local nursing and emergency medical service training programs and other community partners, the event was a success!

“It was a day full of joy, community, and connectedness.”

The Spot a Stroke team had two goals during the event:

  1. Enhance community involvement.
  2. Spread awareness on how to detect strokes and prevent traumatic brain injuries.

As time is critical for a patient having a stroke, stroke awareness is a key way to reduce patient delay in receiving medical attention. One act of raising awareness has the ability to save thousands of lives.

Spot a Strokes mission goes beyond stroke awareness. With a disproportionate number of stroke patients identifying as BIPOC, the Spot a Stroke project is committed to bridging the gap and bringing healthcare out into the community.