Health care Equity

Primary care providers build long-term relationships with their patients and understand what they need most. And starting in March of last year, they needed to stay at home and stay healthy.

For patients of ZSFG’s Richard H. Fine People’s Clinic, that meant getting online. The clinic quickly created a telehealth network to connect patients with their providers, in whatever way they were most comfortable.

As Dr. Neda Ratanawongsa, a doctor at the clinic, relayed, one of her patients wasn’t sure if she could figure out a video call. But when her doctor described how to download the app, she recognized the logo for Zoom—the same way her granddaughter connected with her teacher for remote schooling.

Creating a way for patients to continue to get care during a very isolating year encompassed so much more than simply refilling prescriptions. It was also a chance for providers to connect with their patients, make sure they had access to food, answer questions about staying safe, and today, sharing information about getting the vaccine.