Hearts in San Francisco sculptures can be found all over the city, and this week, the corporate headquarters of Bank of America added a new Heart to the collection. Todd Berman’s Four Hills, Four Towers, One Coyote. The heart sculpture for Bank of America was installed in a new employee gathering space, bringing color and a love for San Francisco’s’ iconic hillsides indoors.

Foundation CEO Kim Meredith was joined by SF-EB Market Executive and Foundation Board Member Elizabeth Minick, artist Todd Berman, and fellow Foundation Board Member Simone Balch to celebrate this new addition to the Hearts in San Francisco series.

Employees arrived at the unveiling early to write notes of gratitude to ZSFG medical professionals and staff. Guests of the celebration also were treated to heart-shaped cookies and even went home with tote bags showcasing another Heart owned by Bank of America, ColorFall of Hope by Deirdre Weinburg.

Each Heart represents city-wide support for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, and the latest Bank of America Heart is a true symbol of partnership in action. Bank of America invests in community wellbeing each year by sponsoring the Hearts in SF gala and provides both time and vital resources to the Foundation and Hospital, ensuring all San Franciscans continue to have access to quality health care.

Thank you to Liz Minick and Bank of America for this commitment to health equity.


This is so important to me. We talk about our legacy, the legacy of A.P. Giannini, who said "Serving the needs of others is the only legitimate business today” and that's what ZSFG stands for. Gioia McCarthy, SF-NB Market President, Bank of America