For Lori Chinn, growing up in San Francisco has always been a part of her identity as an artist. And from a young age, she began incorporating this diverse city into her works of art.

In 2012, the Foundation met Lori as a 15-year-old student at Lowell High School interested in creating one of our annual #HeartsofSanFrancisco sculptures. Showing what diversity meant to her, Lori created a mini heart for auction at Heroes & Hearts 2012.

Little did she know that the year she was creating art that would benefit the Trauma Center at ZSFG, her own family would need the help of the cardiac team to treat her grandfather. Growing up in a family that believes in public service, Lori got the chance to support the public hospital that healed her family – it felt like a sign.

Flash forward to 2019, Lori took on an even bigger challenge – designing a large-scale heart sculpture for Hearts in SF 2019. “Welcome Home” showcased her love of this city and our famous landmarks.

When this heart landed in Union Square on public display, her family was quick to visit it often and would share a few details about the #HeartsinSF sculptures around the city with passersby.