The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation awarded more than $800,000 in support of programs, projects, and initiatives at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center through its Hearts Grants Program, which provides funding for innovation that might otherwise go unfunded.

Since 2004, the Hearts Grants Program has funded nearly 500 grants totaling close to $12 million, including this year’s 35 grants. The Hearts Grants Program is funded by the Foundation’s annual fund and Heroes & Hearts event.

“The Hearts Grants are at the core of the Foundation’s mission, as the funds promote excellence in research, education, and care for all,” said Amanda Heier, Chief Executive Officer of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. “Our Hearts Grants contribute to the transformative work that takes place at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, and ensures that the hospital’s providers and staff have access to the very best resources and training, have the ability to build out impactful programs, and utilize the most advanced technology and medical equipment available for our community.”

“The impact of each and every Hearts Grant is evident throughout the hospital, ranging from the physical, such as furniture and equipment, to the intangible, such as staff training and seed funding necessary to launch new programs and ideas,” said Susan Ehrlich, Chief Executive Officer of Zuckerberg San Francisco General. “These funds not only enrich experiences for our patients and visitors but for our staff and providers while enabling us to provide the best care for even more San Franciscans.”

Programs funded through the 2017 Hearts Grants have a wide reach and significant impact, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. These programs include the Department of Surgery receiving $49,450 to purchase laryngoscopy equipment for cutting-edge 360 video and virtual reality training for emergency medicine, surgery, and anesthesia providers. Another program will educate and prepare pregnant women for childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting. The $8,000 funding to the Department of Public Health will support the revamping of the curriculum and provide participants with incentives. The Department of Medicine was awarded $7,130 to pilot the Cardiac Recovery through Dietary Support program that will provide medically tailored meals and nutritionist support to patients admitted for heart failure exacerbation and is at risk for readmission. A $52,150 grant is being awarded to LGBTQ Patient Quality Care in order to support data collection for identifying LGBTQ disparities in patient care and experience. And another program, Anatomic Pathology, receives $57,593 to purchase an ultrasound machine to perform fine-needle aspiration in a safer, more accurate, and effective manner. A complete list of the 2017 Hearts Grants is below.


2017 Heart Grant Awardees

1. Patient Self-Management $3,050

2. Clinical Laboratory General Operation $4,600

3. The GOOD NIGHT Group Medical Visit $5,000

4. Forgetful but Not Forgotten $6,060

5. Patient Comfort Dialysis $6,551

6. Cardiac Recovery through Dietary Support $7,130

7. Early Mobility Safe Patient Handling $7,143

8. Weight Management Program $7,881

9. Health Education Program $8,000

10. Functional Limb Service $10,000

11. Pharmacy Leadership Development $11,700

12. Expedited Acute Stroke Care $12,281

13. Mobile Comfort Care Services $13,340

14. Cutting Edge Technology $15,377

15. Care Coordination Leadership $18,500

16. Potrero del Sol Park FAMILIA Mural $18,874

17. Risk & Safety Management $20,000

18. Children’s Immigrant & Refugee Health $21,452

19. Uniting for Children & Families $23,060

20. Charge Nurse Development $25,000

21. Electronic Fetal Monitoring $30,000

22. Patient Family Conference Room $31,770

23. Video Laryngoscopy for Neonatal Intubation $35,590

24. Neuroendoscopy $38,666 

25. Patient-Centered Reproductive Care $45,774 

26. Virtual Reality Training to Improve Trauma Care $49,450 

27. LGBTQ Patient Quality Care $52,150 

28. Fine Needle Aspiration Ultrasound $57,593 

29. Transesophageal Echocardiography Simulator $98,156 

30. Financial Fitness Clinic $5,000 

31. Financial Fitness Clinic $15,000 

32. Vocational Rehabilitation $15,000 

33. HIVE $20,000 

34. Cancer Care Program $25,000 

35. OTI Junior Academy $50,000