Eyes of the Heart

Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Hearts in San Francisco Project

The Hearts in San Francisco project debuted in 2004 with 131 heart sculptures, created by local Bay Area artists and auctioned by the Foundation in support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The Foundation raised nearly 3 million dollars for ZSFG in that first year. Today, we carry on this tradition by commissioning and auctioning a new set of hearts each year. The funds raised support those delivering on the promise of accessible and equitable health care for all in our city.

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The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is proud to help the people who heal people, supporting ZSFG caregivers in their aim to provide the very best care to all who walk through their doors.

Meet the Artist:


Gustavo Ramos Rivera spent his childhood in a little Mexican border town called Ciudad Acuña. An internationally respected artist who has exhibited work in galleries and museums in the United States, Mexico, South America, and Europe; Ramos Rivera has spent the past 50 years living and working as an artist in San Francisco, Mexico and Europe.


His paintings and monotypes shimmer with the colors of his childhood, watching his mother cook, playing in his grandmother’s garden, swimming in the creek. A self-taught artist whose father encouraged his talent and desire to paint by allowing him to paint murals on the walls inside their tiny adobe home, Gustavo’s paintings are informed by these simple images saturated with the richness of his memories, culture and family in Mexico.