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Congratulations to our 2018 Heroes

Each year, the Foundation joins with the public health community to honor those within the community who go above and beyond to care for San Francisco’s people. Our Heroes demonstrate exceptional and inspirational expertise in health care and we honor them by sharing their stories at the annual Heroes & Hearts luncheon in February.

Lead Patient Navigator
Gender Health SF
San Francisco Department of Public Health 

See the film — Karen Aguilar and Gender Health SF

Social Justice & Communication Coordinator

See the film — Caroline Watson and HIVE

For full details, Heroes Announcement Press Release.

Multi-Year Hero Honorees Roster

2006:    Charles Faciani • John Joseph Garrity • Joseph Giacomini • Antionette Griffin, RN • Geoffrey Manley, MD
2007:    Mary Dunnigan • Margaret Hagan • Laura Mahlmeister • Pat Putney • William P. Schecter, MD • Neils Tangherlini
2008:    Alicia Boccellari, PhD • Robert V. Brody, MD • Catherine Dukes • Bob Guinan • Fernando Hechavarria
2009:    Ed Marquez • Dolph Shapiro, MD • Ilana Strubel, DVM • Marlis Tanner • Midge Wilson • Hal F. Yee, Jr., MD
2010:    Clem Donahue, MD • Marsha & Bruce Dyer • Amalia Fyles • Sara Miles & Michael Reid • Tony Stefani
2011:    Mary Morgan • Dewey Rosetti • Shannon Thyne, MD • John Weidinger
2012:    Richard Coughlin, MD • Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. • Martha Ryan • Marlene Tran
2013:    John Cathey • Rochelle Dicker, MD • Carol Lam, MSW • Rachel Orkand, MSW • David Sands
2014:    Thomas Perkins • Joan Varney • Joe Drake
2015:    Diane Havlir, MD • Edgar Pierluissi, MD • Maya Vasquez, RN
2016:    Pam Baer • James Larson, COT • Sargent Raphael Rockwell • Terry Saltz • Clement Yeh, MD
2017:    Anais Amaya • Jia Min ChengMargaret Knudson, MDDean Schillinger, MD
2018:    Karen Aguilar  • Caroline Watson