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Join us again on February 13, 2020, at Oracle Park for another evening of celebration in support of vital mental health programming at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

This year, we lead with heart.


Hearts in SF calls on us to invest in people and programs that work on the front line of community mental health care. San Francisco is deeply committed to supporting the mental health of its citizens, especially the most vulnerable among us experiencing homelessness or struggling with addiction.


This year’s event focuses on the urgent need for community mental health solutions. Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG) is on the front lines of the mental health crisis in our community. For over 40 years, ZSFG has risen to the challenge of providing a strong safety net for those in crisis, while leading the charge for innovations in mental health care. The people of ZSFG know what works.

ZSFG leads with heart by caring for all of our neighbors, leading the charge for more inclusive and compassionate care, and sharing community-based solutions with the world. This innovation paired with the passion and sense of urgency we feel for this challenge today makes San Francisco and ZSFG the ideal place to advance innovative care that is inclusive, compassionate, and based in reality. 

We have an opportunity to lead with heart and enable Zuckerberg San Francisco General to build on decades of dedication and innovation to better serve this community. Through Hearts in SF 2020 we can prepare ZSFG to provide the best care for San Franciscans from all walks of life, to advance new medical models for community mental health — to lead with heart.


A Night to Lead With Heart


Hearts in SF returns to Oracle Park with a very special evening that you will not want to miss. 

Get ready to dance the night away with a progressive party that starts just steps from the field.

The night will kick off in the Field Club Lounge with creative cocktails, delicious bites, and “only at Oracle” interactive experiences. 

Make sure to arrive early for the unveiling of the 2020 Hearts in SF, up for auction throughout the night. 

The celebration then continues down on the field with interactive lounges, festive drinks, tasty desserts, live music, and so much more.

Join us as we lead with heart at Hearts in SF.

  • 7:00 PM  Cocktails | Hors d’oeuvres| Only at Oracle Park experiences
  • 8:00 PM  Dessert | Festive drinks | Live entertainment | Interactive exhibits

Honorary Chair

Lisa Stone Pritzker


Schuyler Hudak
Lionel C. Johnson
Andrew McCollum



Oracle Park

San Francisco, CA 94107



Leading with Heart

ZSFG is on the front lines of mental and behavioral health care. Your support will enable innovation through programs like:

The Addiction Care Team (ACT) is an innovative program at ZSFG that connects the traditionally siloed medical care, addiction treatment, and community support to help address a patient’s Substance Use Disorder (SUD). ACT is staffed by a patient navigator, addiction medicine fellow, and a supervising physician that together provide a novel approach to addiction care that puts inclusion, dignity, and respect for the patient front and center.

The goal of forming an addiction medicine consult team is to decrease addiction severity, increase connections to treatment, decrease readmissions, decrease visits to the Emergency Department, and decrease acute healthcare costs.

Understanding the pressing need of linking communications and data-sharing between community health services and medical organizations is an additional goal the addiction care team aims to achieve throughout the San Francisco Health Network.

 The Division of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ICAP) is part of the Department of Psychiatry at ZSFG, providing quality, culturally tailored, and trauma-informed mental health services for youth (birth to age 24) and their families. As part of a comprehensive, coordinated approach to care across the developmental age spectrum, ICAP programs and services encompass clinic and community-based direct care and consultation services (within ZSFG clinics, daycares, schools, and other community-based settings), training, and research. 

The needs of the patients who come to ZSFG day after day are often complex and multidimensional. Medical, social, and emotional needs can be triggered by homelessness, hunger, isolation, substance misuse, depression and mental illness. ZSFG has created a program called Social Medicine that consists of a multidisciplinary team of social workers, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, mental health specialists and other city agencies to address patients’ unique needs to create life-changing and transformative outcomes. 

Citywide Case Management supports the recovery of San Francisco’s highest risk mentally ill adults and reduces their use of institutional and acute psychiatric care, while helping to maximize their ability to maintain stable, productive, fulfilling lives in the community.

An initiative of HIVE, Team LILY is a ZSFG-based roving care team providing wraparound services to pregnant people experiencing significant barriers to engagement in clinic-based prenatal care. Team LILY serves pregnant people with housing insecurity, active substance use, and/or mental health diagnoses.

This nationally-recognized program addresses mental health, legal issues, unemployment and housing to help patients break the cycle of violent injury. Since the inception of Wraparound, re-injury rates have been reduced by 50%.

Solid Start is an initiative to promote health and health equity for pregnant women and families with children 0 – 3 at ZSFG through innovative models of integrated care. This includes ensuring that the social, legal, mental health and behavioral needs of families are incorporated across care at ZSFG. The Solid Start initiative serves as an innovation hub for best practices, improved data collection and evaluation, care model dissemination within ZSFG, the broader San Francisco safety net, and regional and national communities.

The Trauma Recovery Center provides over 800 victims of trauma, assault, torture and violence with innovative psychiatric support services, including group work, victim’s self-help groups and one-on-one counseling. The TRC has had great success in helping many clients move forward with their lives after facing devastating and enduring trauma.

The ACE Unit is a geriatric-friendly environment designed to improve mobility, reduce depression, maximize overall satisfaction and help patients make a smooth transition from hospital to home life. Each patient’s needs are assessed by an interdisciplinary team of an advanced practical nurse, a social worker, a nutritionist, an occupational therapist.  

 The Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP) provides job readiness and job training for individuals recovering from chronic mental illness often complicated by persistent homelessness, substance abuse, chronic medical problems and criminal justice involvement. VRP currently provides vocational assessment and job training for hospital support roles and social enterprise businesses.

The Women’s Options Center prides itself on providing high-quality, evidencebased and comprehensive abortion and family planning services. The WOC is known for its ability and expertise in serving high-risk and medically complicated patients, offering long-term reversible contraceptive methods.

2020 Hearts  

More 2020 Hearts in SF are on their way.

Stay tuned to learn how you can own your own piece of unique San Francisco art.

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Hearts in SF 2020 Sponsors

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Join us and Lead with Heart.

Join us and Lead with Heart.

Hearts in SF tickets on sale now.

Join us and celebrate what it means to Lead with HeartGet ready to dance the night away with a progressive party that starts just steps from the field, with creative cocktails, delicious bites, and “only at Oracle” interactive experiences. 

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