Community Hearts

Show off your love for San Francisco with a Heart.


Hearts in San Francisco represents a city dedicated to caring for each of its citizens. The Hearts are a symbol of pride in a public hospital that is there for every single one of us – whether in times of crisis and trauma or in everyday health.


Each of these hearts symbolizes a commitment to care for all and support for the people and programs on the front lines at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.


For more information on displaying a Heart Sculpture, please contact Elaine Robertson, Associate Director of Events, at


Large Hearts

Large Hearts are 6 feet wide x 5 feet high x 40 inches deep and weigh 400 pounds. They are attached to a base and require a flat surface for installation.

Table Top Hearts

Table Top Hearts are 17 inches wide x 16 inches high x 8 inches deep and weigh 20 pounds. They are attached to a base.

Mini Hearts

Mini Hearts are 6 inches wide x 7 inches high x 2 inches deep and weigh 5 pounds. They are attached to a base.