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Monika Steiner

Hearts in San Francisco Project

Since its inception in 2004, the Hearts in San Francisco project has been a cornerstone of philanthropy, rallying local artists to support Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. Today, this tradition endures, marking over 20 years of profound impact on our city’s public hospital.

Hearts in San Francisco has become more than just an art project—it’s a symbol of support for the people of San Francisco. New hearts are unveiled each year, capturing the community’s creativity while raising vital funds that support innovative and equitable care at ZSFG.

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      Meet the Artist:

      Monika Steiner headshot

      Monika’s painting feature’s surfacing and receding shapes as metaphors for how energy and matter temporarily become visible before dissolving back into a state of pure potential.

      Monika has always been fascinated with the visual language of circular and organic forms as they suggest that all creative events simultaneously contain continuity and transition. She says that “each composition creates a balance that is exquisitely poised while at the same time, powerful, dramatic and serene.”