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Hearts in San Francisco Project

The Hearts in San Francisco project debuted in 2004 with 131 heart sculptures, created by local Bay Area artists and auctioned by the Foundation in support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The Foundation raised nearly 3 million dollars for ZSFG in that first year. Today, we carry on this tradition by commissioning and auctioning a new set of hearts each year. The funds raised support those delivering on the promise of accessible and equitable health care for all in our city.

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The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is proud to help the people who heal people, supporting ZSFG caregivers in their aim to provide the very best care to all who walk through their doors.

Meet the Artist:


André Renay was born and raised in San Francisco in a Caribbean household. His work consists of colorful, visually charged, and abstract matrixes coexisting, in a negative non-space, with human-like figures. The figures he illustrates are stand-ins for himself or his loved ones, imagined siblings he longed for earlier in his life as an only child, or a way to illustrate a societal learned vision of the family archetype. The imagery he creates hints at childishness, being a celebration of Black hair and heritage, depicting kinship or a state of youthful imagination people embrace as kids but grow out of with time.


Experimenting with the materiality of paint and straying away from any indication of a bare canvas is important in my process. His painting practice is heavily guided by rhythm and the routinely nature of sports’ mentality. Having been part of the elite basketball world all his life, creation, to him, is a daily decision to paint and follow an intuitive flow of ideas. His process is about consistency and a way to express himself and deal with the daily trials and tribulations of life.