Honda-Bird Family

“Zuckerberg San Francisco General is vital to San Francisco because it provides complete, comprehensive care for all residents and visitors to the great city of San Francisco regardless of race, gender, culture or sexual orientation.  Eddy and I share a special connection with Zuckerberg San Francisco General as we have both had the great pleasure of working here and serving the community.  It’s also where we met and fell in love.”

– Shino Honda, ZSFG Emergency Room Night Staff Nurse,
and Eddy Bird, San Francisco Fire Department Paramedic


“I think Zuckerberg San Francisco General is one of the fundamental core insitutions in this city.  The Herbst Foudnation saw the Heart of Our City Capital Campaign as an opporutnity to further invest in the health of this community.  This hospital has the ability to touch and repair and send that back out into the community…anybody from any corner of this city or anybody who is visiting here.  It serves such an important purpose in the community.  I can’t help but to be so exceited to be part of something like this and to know the wonderful outcomes that will be achieved at this hospital”

– Bruce Hart, Director, Herbst Foundation

Photo Courtesy of Cliff Englert