In times of trouble, our hospital stands ready—a safety net—no matter the situation. We are deeply honored by a recent bequest from the estate of Deborah Green “Deedee” Seymour, and celebrate the support it will offer to all San Franciscans for years to come.

Deborah Green “Deedee” Seymour was a Berkeley native, long-time San Francisco resident, and a life-long volunteer. She started at age eight as a child assistant to her mother’s First Aid classes in Berkeley and as an adult, served as Chairman of Volunteers for the San Francisco Red Cross Chapter. It was during this time when, after the Fall of Saigon in 1975, she organized over 3,000 volunteers in forty‐eight hours to meet the Operation Babylift planes.

Deedee subsequently served as the San Francisco Chapter Chair, on the Red Cross Regional Board of Governors, National Board of Governors, and International Board of Governors. Understanding the critical link between the Red Cross and local hospitals, she also served as a Board Member for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Her final gift to SF General is a token of her deep appreciation for the mutual support between the hospital and the Bay Area Red Cross in helping residents get back on their feet in dire times of need.