“I wanted to spend part of my summer vacation giving back to my community. I started a read-a-thon and read more than 20 books in one week! My friends and family donated money for each book l read. I chose Zuckerberg San Francisco General to receive the funds raised, because I know it provides health services for people who need them the most. It was an awesome experience—I got to help people who needed it while doing something I love—reading.

– Isabel Murray, age 8

Thanks to Isabel’s diligent reading, she raised more than $800 to support the mission of SFGH Foundation.


Reflecting upon my father’s legacy, I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to his memory than to contribute to Zuckerberg San Francisco General, a hospital dedicated to the needs of the underserved. My father, Dr. Laszlo N. Tauber, was an immigrant and a Holocaust survivor, who became a prestigious surgeon, and established his own hospital, Jefferson Memorial  in Alexandria, Virginia. He continued practicing through the age of 80, never turning anyone away who couldn’t afford to pay. His love of surgery, of medicine, and his extraordinary dedication to his patients was an everlasting example of his exemplary commitment to the field of medicine. He would be proud to know that his remarkable legacy continues through the Tauber Family Foundation’s support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

As an intern I had the privilege of training at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, where I saw firsthand the extraordinary work that occurs every day. It is for these reasons that our family has been proud to support over the last several years the Foundation, the Trauma Recovery Center, and the recent Heart of Our City Capital Campaign to equip the beautiful new hospital.”

– Ingrid Tauber, PhD
Tauber Family Foundation


In the 1980s, Zuckerberg San Francisco General became a global leader in the battle against HIV/AIDS. At that same time, Macy’s began providing philanthropic support to help fight the disease, including making grants to the hospital’s Ward 86, a pioneer in the field of HIV/AIDS care and treatment. More than three decades later, Macy’s annually provides the most philanthropic support of all retailers across the nation to HIV/AIDS causes.

Joy Deinla, Regional Cause Marketing Manager for Macy’s in San Francisco, values this unwavering support. “Macy’s is proud to not only be one of the first major companies to support the fight against HIV/AIDS, but also one of the most consistent in the effort for over 30 years,” she says. “Giving back is a key part of Macy’s culture. We firmly believe in our obligation to do our part in building stronger and healthier communities and take great pride in our support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General.”

Since 1989, HIVE (formerly the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center) has provided multidisciplinary preconception, prenatal, gynecologic, and sexual health care to women living with HIV as well as HIV-affected couples. “We recognized the value of this program and the impact our seed funding would have,” says Ms. Deinla. “We are delighted that HIVE has grown to help so many people.” Macy’s continues to support HIVE, and in particular the PRO Men Initiative (Positive Reproductive Outcomes for Men Living with HIV), an innovative collaboration with Ward 86.

“I cannot thank Macy’s enough,” says Shannon Weber, Director of HIVE. “Our ability