We are so grateful to have such a diverse and loyal community of donors who each come to see our Foundation and our beloved ZSFG as valuable institutions caring for anyone and everyone regardless of circumstances, as well as advancing care in specific specialties, such as mother and child health, trauma, or HIV care and prevention.

One value the Foundation promotes is equity, in which we seek to strengthen the public safety net, enabling anyone who walks through ZSFG’s doors to get the compassionate care they deserve. Dr. Newton Gordon, who recently retired as chief of ZSFG’s Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, has supported the Foundation over the years with generous donations to ensure ZSFG continues to provide health care for everyone in need: “Health care is a right; a right of all humans. This institution has done a phenomenal job providing the best care for an underserved population.”

We are honored when ZSFG staff members choose to donate to the Foundation. We know that they have an intimate and innate knowledge of the value of the institution they hold dear.

The clinic, a past Hearts Grants recipient of nine new dental chairs, primarily treats the surgical repair of the mouth, teeth, jaws and face after traumatic injury. ZSFG, as the region’s only Level 1 trauma center, sees nearly 4,000 trauma patients each year.

Through his leadership at ZSFG and UCSF, Dr. Gordon helped modernize maxillofacial techniques for trauma hospitals around the world. His has been a career of expertise and service: he has changed lives for patients, worked to improve institutions, and expanded opportunities for generations of students, especially students of color.

In addition to multiple fellowships, diplomatic posts, awards, and honors, he is currently board chairman for Great Shape, Inc. in his native Jamaica, a humanitarian organization serving 40,000 people annually throughout the Caribbean. Today he volunteers in the ZSFG department he once led.

We are grateful to Dr. Gordon for his service, his influence on a generation of medical professionals, and his generosity to the institution he has called home for most of his career.