Thank You

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our donors for their gifts and pledges made from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.  


Heart Circle donors are indicated with a Heart Circle level Legend Icon. The Heart Circle recognizes non-event gifts from individuals of $1,000 or more that provide operating support to the Foundation or a designated hospital program. Heart Circle level: Heart Circle level: Silver = Silver Heart Circle level: Gold = Gold Heart Circle level: Platinum = Platinum



$1,000,000 and up

 Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Heart Circle level: Platinum Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Program
 The Estate of Deborah Green Seymour


 Dignity Health
Heart Circle level: Platinum Thomas and Shelagh Rohlen


 Anonymous (2)
 Battery Foundation
 Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute
 National Institutes of Health
 The Estate of Joseph Robert Piccinini
 San Francisco Health Plan
 Tides Center


 Anonymous (1)
 AARP Foundation
 Avon Breast Cancer Crusade
 Pam and Larry Baer and Family
Heart Circle level: Silver Valli Benesch and Bob Tandler
Heart Circle level: Platinum William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
 The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
 Public Health Institute
 Ingrid Tauber, PhD and Frank Taforo
 United Airlines, Inc.
 University of California, San Francisco
 Wells Fargo


 Anonymous (2)
 AO North America
 AT&T California
 Center for Orthopaedic Trauma Advancement
 First Republic Bank
Heart Circle level: Platinum Mrs. Donald G. Fisher
 Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
 Hellman Foundation
 Metta Fund
Heart Circle level: Platinum Elizabeth C. Peters
Heart Circle level: Gold Connie and Kevin Shanahan
 Stupski Foundation
 Sutter West Medical Hospitals
Heart Circle level: Silver Twitter
 UnitedHealth Group
 Workday Foundation


 Anonymous (2)
 Anne Bakar and Joseph Zadik
Heart Circle level: Platinum Barbara Bass Bakar
 Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
 Barbara Joan Deepe Revocable Trust
 Dana and Robert Emery
Heart Circle level: Platinum Giants Enterprises
 Diana Kapp and David Singer
 The Estate of May Lau Lee
Heart Circle level: Platinum Barry and Marie Lipman
 Northwestern Mutual Foundation
 JaMel and Tom Perkins
Heart Circle level: Platinum Ira D. Riklis
Heart Circle level: Gold Donald J. Santel
Heart Circle level: Platinum Susie Sarlo Fund


 Anonymous (2)
 Agfa HealthCare
 Alaska Airlines
 Blue Shield of California
 Bon Appetit Food Management Company
Heart Circle level: Gold Brenda Bottum
Heart Circle level: Gold Lyman and Carol Casey
 Chinese Community Health Care Association
 Community Partners
Heart Circle level: Gold Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
 The EACH Foundation
 Fisher Development, Inc.
 Franklin Templeton Investments
 The Friend Family Foundation
Heart Circle level: Gold The Ginn Family Foundation
Heart Circle level: Gold Sam and Emily Glick
Heart Circle level: Gold David Grossman and Cezanne Garcia
Heart Circle level: Gold The Harris Family – Peter, Sheri, Erin & Toby
 The Hauswirth Family
 The Estate of Joanne C. Heffelfinger
Heart Circle level: Gold James C. Hormel and Michael P. Nguyen
 Interpacific Group, Inc.
 J.P. Morgan
 Christina and John Keker
 Richard and Mary Jo Kovacevich
 Latham & Watkins LLP
 LDA Architects, Inc.
Heart Circle level: Gold James Leung
 Marmor Foundation
 Miller Kaplan Arase LLP
 Moss Adams LLP
 National Student Leadership Foundation
 OMEGA Medical Grants Association
Heart Circle level: Gold Pacific Pension & Investment Institute
Heart Circle level: Gold PayPal
 Perkins Coie LLP
Heart Circle level: Gold Betty Ann Prien
 Lisa S. Pritzker
 Janet and Clinton Reilly
Heart Circle level: Gold Allan and Helen McKenna Ridley
 Margaret A. Roberts Charitable Foundation
 San Francisco International Airport
 John and Regina Scully
 The Seligman Family Foundation
 Spencer Foundation
Heart Circle level: Gold Ellice R. Sperber
Heart Circle level: Gold Garen and Sharalyn Staglin
 The Strandberg Family Foundation
 To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation
 UCSF Health
Heart Circle level: Gold Edna Lee Warnecke and Dr. Jim Marks


 Anonymous (1)
Heart Circle level: Gold Aden and Meredith Bliss
 The Byer Family
 Byer Foundation
 California Health Care Foundation
 Center For Youth Wellness
Heart Circle level: Gold Charles and Margaret Charnas
Heart Circle level: Gold Helen O. J. Chong
Heart Circle level: Gold Cox Foundation
Heart Circle level: Gold David Cush
Heart Circle level: Gold William H. Draper, III
Heart Circle level: Gold Ed Mitchell West, LLC
Heart Circle level: Gold Robert S. Fisher
Heart Circle level: Gold James and Astrid Flood
Heart Circle level: Gold William A. George, PharmD
 William G. Gilmore Foundation
Heart Circle level: Gold Harvey and Gail Glasser
Heart Circle level: Gold Bruce and Elizabeth Hart
 Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Heart Circle level: Gold Joseph and Kathleen Jolson
Heart Circle level: Gold Deborah Kamali, MD
Heart Circle level: Gold Patricia H. Kelso
Heart Circle level: Gold Kern Family Fund
Heart Circle level: Gold Michael Kessler
 Mariel and Daniel R. Kingsley
 Brian Krzanich
Heart Circle level: Gold Robyn Lamar
Heart Circle level: Gold Lesbians for Good of Horizons Foundation
 Million Dollar Round Table Foundation
Heart Circle level: Silver John and Dixie Noonan
Heart Circle level: Gold Dave and Gina Pell
Heart Circle level: Gold Elisabeth T. Peters
Heart Circle level: Gold Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP
Heart Circle level: Gold Ludmil and Milka Rols
Heart Circle level: Gold Gary and Dana Shapiro
Heart Circle level: Gold Claire Solot and Sinjin Bain
Heart Circle level: Gold Roselyne C. Swig
Heart Circle level: Gold Peggy S. Weintrub, MD
Heart Circle level: Gold Diane B. Wilsey
Heart Circle level: Gold Wade and Brenda Woodson
 Youth Speaks


 Anonymous (12)
Heart Circle level: Silver Donald Abrams and Clint Werner
 AIDS Community Research Initiative of America
Heart Circle level: Silver All Stars Helping Kids
Heart Circle level: Silver Jan Allison, RN and Sara Watson
 Ambry Genetics
Heart Circle level: Silver Tor Archer and Fiona Wilson
Heart Circle level: Silver Barbara W. Armstrong
 Philip and Whitney Arnautou
Heart Circle level: Silver Eileen M. Ashmore
Heart Circle level: Silver Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Heart Circle level: Silver Constance M. Goodyear Baron and Barry Baron, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Joachim and Nancy Hellman Bechtle
Heart Circle level: Silver Mr. Richard Beleson and Ms. Kim Beleson
Heart Circle level: Silver John Bell and Alison South
Heart Circle level: Silver Rita F. Bell
Heart Circle level: Silver Juliet L. Bergh
Heart Circle level: Silver Mark Berman and Josie Howard
Heart Circle level: Silver Thomas and Mary Bersot
Heart Circle level: Silver Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS and Patrick Domingo
Heart Circle level: Silver Sheila Bonini
 Mary Bordeaux
Heart Circle level: Silver Susan B. Boshwit
Heart Circle level: Silver Kelly Bourke and Jeff Wartell
Heart Circle level: Silver Dale Boutiette and Alla Gershberg
Heart Circle level: Silver Rachel Brass and Richard Foster
Heart Circle level: Silver Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
 Jennifer Brokaw, MD and M. Allen Fry, MD
 Amy Busch and Kevin Cameron
Heart Circle level: Silver Teresa and Bill Callan
 Andre R. Campbell, MD and Gillian Otway, RN
Heart Circle level: Silver Kathleen Campbell
Heart Circle level: Silver The Carbone Family
Heart Circle level: Silver Sue Carlisle, PhD, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Christina E. Carroll
Heart Circle level: Silver Marcelle Cedars
Heart Circle level: Silver Jack Chase, MD and Rebecca McEntee, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Melvin and Hella Cheitlin
 Alice Hm Chen, MD, MPH
Heart Circle level: Silver Lee-May Chen
Heart Circle level: Silver Gerry D. Chow
Heart Circle level: Silver Tsing-Yang Chow and Chuk Ching Wang
Heart Circle level: Silver Ai-Kyung Chung, CRNA
Heart Circle level: Silver George and Sheri Clyde
Heart Circle level: Silver Chris Columbus and Monica Devereux
Heart Circle level: Silver Edward and Nancy Conner Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation
 Matt Cooper
Heart Circle level: Silver James B. Covey
Heart Circle level: Silver E. Gretchen de Baubigny
Heart Circle level: Silver Donna De Santis
 Josephine Dentoni
Heart Circle level: Silver Nancy and Joseph DiSabato
Heart Circle level: Silver Clement Donahue, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Joyce M. Dubay
Heart Circle level: Silver James and Sandra Earl
Heart Circle level: Silver Susan Ehrlich and Jill Linwood
Heart Circle level: Silver Carol Eid
Heart Circle level: Silver Joseph Ellin and Jacqueline Aiken
Heart Circle level: Silver Lucinda and Grenville Emmet
Heart Circle level: Silver Barbara and Douglas Engmann
Heart Circle level: Silver Lisa Erdberg and Dennis Gibbons
Heart Circle level: Silver Joan Fanning
Heart Circle level: Silver Genevieve Farr, RN
Heart Circle level: Silver Kevin and Laura Ferguson
Heart Circle level: Silver Julie Flynn
Heart Circle level: Silver Jennifer Fonstad
Heart Circle level: Silver Nancy Friedman
Heart Circle level: Silver Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH and Peter Fuentes-Afflick
Heart Circle level: Silver Janet Gallin
Heart Circle level: Silver Jeff Garelick
Heart Circle level: Silver Linda Gebroe
Heart Circle level: Silver Richard and Patricia Gibbs
Heart Circle level: Silver Marcia and John Goldman
Heart Circle level: Silver Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Heart Circle level: Silver Nora Goldschlager, MD and Arnold Goldschlager, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Alan and Patti Goldsobel
Heart Circle level: Silver Marjorie Golub and Lawrence Kaminsky
Heart Circle level: Silver Google Inc.
 Gordon & Rees, LLP
Heart Circle level: Silver Thomas Gottlieb and Carol Kirsh Family Fund
Heart Circle level: Silver Elmer and Pamela Grossman
Heart Circle level: Silver Marsha and Ralph Guggenheim
Heart Circle level: Silver Heather R. Hanly
Heart Circle level: Silver Mary M. Hao
 Deborah and Daniel Harris
 June Haselton
Heart Circle level: Silver Monica E. Hernandez
Heart Circle level: Silver Kathleen Gillaspie Hormel
Heart Circle level: Silver Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hume
Heart Circle level: Silver Michael and Sheila Humphreys
Heart Circle level: Silver Stephen S. Hurst, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Shepard and Margretta Hurwitz
 Invitae Corporation
Heart Circle level: Silver Melanie S. Ito
 Lisa Jackson
Heart Circle level: Silver Rebecca Jackson, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Mark Jacobson, MD and Ilona Frieden, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Anne Jamieson
Heart Circle level: Silver Holly M. Jensen
Heart Circle level: Silver Lucille M. & George F. Jewett, Jr. Fund
Heart Circle level: Silver Kenneth R. Johnson and Suzanne Titus-Johnson
 Daniel P. Kahn
 Kimberly Karp
 Susan Karp and Paul Haahr
Heart Circle level: Silver Alison Kibrick
Heart Circle level: Silver Carolyn Klebanoff, MD, PhD and Fred Cohen, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Connie S. Kniveton
Heart Circle level: Silver Brian T. Kobashikawa
Heart Circle level: Silver Purnima Kochikar and Vivek Khuller
Heart Circle level: Silver Robert and Marion Koerper Blumberg
Heart Circle level: Silver Kathryn D. Kranen
Heart Circle level: Silver Margot Kushel and Ari Krantz
Heart Circle level: Silver Uta Landy and Philip Darney
Heart Circle level: Silver Gary and Laura Lauder
Heart Circle level: Silver Dennis Leary
Heart Circle level: Silver Mark and Kerri Lehmann
Heart Circle level: Silver Bobby and Francine Lent
 Gideon D. Lett
Heart Circle level: Silver Sally N. Lovett
Heart Circle level: Silver David and Jacqueline Lowenberg
Heart Circle level: Silver John M. Luce, MD and Judith A. Luce, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver The Luikart Family
Heart Circle level: Silver M.Y. China
Heart Circle level: Silver Jacquelyn J. Maher, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Meir and Yotvat Marmor
Heart Circle level: Silver Daniel K. Marshall
Heart Circle level: Silver Debra Matityahu, MD and Amir Matityahu, MD
 Maverick Capital Foundation
Heart Circle level: Silver J. Patterson and Susie McBaine
Heart Circle level: Silver Joseph McCune and Karen Kaye Smith-McCune
Heart Circle level: Silver Jessica McDermott
 Maureen McInerney
Heart Circle level: Silver Margaret McNamara and Jeffrey Clayton
 Michele Meany
Heart Circle level: Silver Eric Meinberg, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Kirsten and Theodore Miclau, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Christina A. Miller
Heart Circle level: Silver Dionne Cruz Miller, MPH
Heart Circle level: Silver Nancy Milliken, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Anson Moon
 Martina Murphy
 Ellen Magnin Newman
Heart Circle level: Silver John D. Newman
Heart Circle level: Silver Thomas B. Newman, MD, MPH
Heart Circle level: Silver Sara J. Newmann, MD and Douglas Sovern
Heart Circle level: Silver Valerie Ng and Kenneth Li
Heart Circle level: Silver Lawrence Nibbi
Heart Circle level: Silver Trey and JD Nicoud
Heart Circle level: Silver Taylor Oatis
Heart Circle level: Silver Marilyn J. Ohm-Smith
Heart Circle level: Silver Richard and Judith Oken
Heart Circle level: Silver Kenneth Ong
Heart Circle level: Silver Sandra L. Otellini
 Pacific Outreach Foundation
Heart Circle level: Silver Maxine Papadakis and William Seaman
 Ann and Jim Paras
Heart Circle level: Silver Richard Patel
Heart Circle level: Silver Roland Pickens, MHA, FACHE
Heart Circle level: Silver Edgar and Talia Pierluissi
Heart Circle level: Silver Mary and Bill Poland
 Portsmouth Plaza Parking Corporation
Heart Circle level: Silver Theresa Preston-Werner
Heart Circle level: Silver Paul and Cynthia Pringle
Heart Circle level: Silver Helen H. Raiser
Heart Circle level: Silver Philip and Carla Reed
Heart Circle level: Silver Sheryl and James Reuben
 Jeannette Revel-Mauro
Heart Circle level: Silver Daniel W. Rial, RN
Heart Circle level: Silver Robina Riccitiello
Heart Circle level: Silver Anmarie B. Roache
Heart Circle level: Silver Margaret Robbins
 Martin Romo
Heart Circle level: Silver Richard and Barbara Rosenberg
Heart Circle level: Silver William G. Rothmann
Heart Circle level: Silver Mr. David T. Salazar and Ms. Monica Gromer
Heart Circle level: Silver Dr. and Mrs. David J. Sanchez, Jr.
Heart Circle level: Silver Jack and Betty Schafer
Heart Circle level: Silver Phil Schlein and T Beller
Heart Circle level: Silver Paula and Frank Schultz
Heart Circle level: Silver Sue Schwartz and Frank Lalle
Heart Circle level: Silver John and Pamela Sebastian
Heart Circle level: Silver Ned Segal
Heart Circle level: Silver John and Doris Seto
Heart Circle level: Silver Donald R. Share
 Share Our Strength
Heart Circle level: Silver Michael and Doris Sherman
 The Sherwin Family
Heart Circle level: Silver William and Shira Shore
Heart Circle level: Silver Charlotte and George Shultz
 Marianna Silchuk
Heart Circle level: Silver Chris Smith
Heart Circle level: Silver Audrey and Robert Sockolov
Heart Circle level: Silver James L. Sorensen, PhD
Heart Circle level: Silver Greg and Laura Spivy
Heart Circle level: Silver Eric and Gayle Starr
 Ruth and John Stumpf
Heart Circle level: Silver Greg and Wendy Suhr
Heart Circle level: Silver Peter and Marie Sullivan
Heart Circle level: Silver Stephen Swire and Jacqueline Neuwirth-Swire
Heart Circle level: Silver Michelle Tandler
Heart Circle level: Silver Jonathan and Mahsati Tsao
Heart Circle level: Silver Beth S. Veniar
 John Viola
Heart Circle level: Silver Jed Walentas
 Sandy and Kay Walker
 Dina Wallin
Heart Circle level: Silver Kathryn and David Werdegar, MD
Heart Circle level: Silver Westfield San Francisco Centre
Heart Circle level: Silver John and Marilyn Whitcher
 Daniel J. Wickering
Heart Circle level: Silver Farhan Zaidi
Heart Circle level: Silver Charles Zukow and John A. Ferrara


 Anonymous (1)
 Maria G. Aguirre
 Mary R. Allen
 Jean A. Amos
 Jake and Deborah Anderson-Bialis
 Joan E. Avenali
 Mary G. Bitterman
 Cristina Blanco and Chris Goddard
 Jane R. Brady
 Carol and Thomas Brandi
 Peter Bransten and Leela de Souza Bransten
 Michael D. Brown
 David P. Burke
 Raymond J. Canepa
 Ellen C. Champlin
 David and Joanne Chan
 William and Gayle Lai Chan
 Abby Chapman
 Chevron Matching Employee Funds
 Andrew and Carol Clark
 Isaac Clemens
 Sophie W. Cole, MD
 Molly Cooke and Paul Volberding
 Barry A. Cusick
 Maria J. Dais
 Dianna Deeley
 Carol Dimeling and Timothy Gee
 Siobhan M. Doherty
 Barbara Drye and Charlie Goldberg
 Kevin and Laura Dunne
 John and Heather Elder
 William Euphrat and Nancy Weston
 Michael and Anne Faber
 Jeff Farrow
 Steven N. Fayne
 Alfonso and Tara Felder
 Alicia Fernandez, MD and Teresa Villela, MD
 Rosaly Ferrer and Ramon Calubaquib
 Richard Fiedotin
 Sakurako and William Fisher
 Nancy I. Foster
 Frances and David Frey
 David Gantsweg
 Andrew Gass
 Genentech Givingstation
 Joanne Gold
 Jerry J. Goodmark
 Michele D. Goss
 Laura Gottlieb and Brian Johnson
 Susan and Alan Greinetz
 Kevin Grumbach and Lisa Martin
 Kathleen Guerin
 Rita V. Guiliano
 Michael Harrington
 Amanda Heier
 Sean Hermanson
 Joyce and William Hetts
 Sara M. Hirsch
 Libby and Michael Hoaglin
 Jordan T. Holler
 Donna E. Jacobs
 Vicki and Scott Kahn
 Hemal K. Kanzaria
 Kara’s Cupcakes
 Mary Keir and Karl Ansel
 Yeuen Kim and Tony Lee
 Gabriel and Elizabeth Kind
 Talmadge and Mozelle King
 Barbara A. Koenig
 Kathy Kramer
 Jeff and Christine Krolik
 Minette Kwok and Gerry Okimoto
 Josephine Lai, PhD
 Millicent C. Lalanne
 Thomas F. Landers
 Ana Lau and Byron Hall Thurber
 Margaret Pyle Laws
 Linda Lee
 Lucille E. Lee
 Rebecca Lee
 Alan and Sharon Levins
 Norman Lewak
 Janelle Loevner
 Robert and Connie Lurie
 Deborah G. Madden
 William and Christine McClure
 Donna J. McCurdy
 Casey McGlynn
 Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey
 Elisabeth McSherry, MD
 Diana Montgomery, MD
 Jonathan Moscone
 Andrew and Erica Murray
 Patricia Nakache
 Gene O’Connell and Joel Hurwitz
 The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
 Jean L. Palmer
 Thomas Paoli and Margaret Coyne
 Sharon E. Perl
 Debra Perry
 Richard and Ellen Price
 Johanna J. Raimond
 Neda Ratanawongsa, MD
 Jeffrey and Julie Rosen
 Jerome and Margaret Rosenthal
 Raymond J. Ryan, Jr. and Jennifer Braun
 Marta Giula M. Sabbadini
 Marie and Daniel Sampior
 William and Gisela Schecter
 Dore Selix-Gabby
 Sobia Shaikh
 Paul and Lisa Sharek
 Janette C. Smith
 Social Good Fund
 Ted Speros
 Susan V. Sprunk
 Roy O. Stark
 Joyce L. Steier
 Loretta Strachowski, MD
 Matthew C. Strangeway
 Strong Legacy Planning LLC
 Anthony Sun
 Michael and Maureen Terris
 Cathryn Thurow and Robert Cornwell
 Donald Ungar and Susan Romer
 Jose Vulpes
 Walk Strong Bay Area Inc
 Christopher and Barbara Wilson
 Jasmine M. Wong
 Michel and Sandra Zrnic


 Anonymous (3)
 Emogene Alexander
 Elizabeth Allin
 Nilda Alverio
 Alyssa Angeles
 Hilary R. Armstrong
 Soraya Azari
 Sue Baelen and Phil King
 Dina Bandman
 Bank of the West Employee Giving Program
 Beverly F. Barnett
 Leith and Stewart Barry
 Jeremy and Jenny Benjamin
 Neal L. Benowitz, MD
 D. Montgomery and Mina Bissell
 Betsy Blumenthal and Jonathan Root
 Gwyneth J. Borden
 Alan M. Braverman
 Tangerine M. Brigham
 Patricia Caldera-Munoz and Peter Walter
 Ann and John Callan
 Sailor Campbell
 James M. Campbell, MD
 Jean E. Caramatti
 Sheree A. Chambers
 Kenneth and Alice Chan
 Katherine Chen
 Yu-Hung and Kerry Chiang
 Amy Chow
 John and Alexandra Claussen
 Gerald Connolly
 Ginger Cutter
 Justin Dauterman, RN
 Lukejohn Day
 Ross and Ann Dehovitz
 Carol Diamond and Howard Rowley
 Rochelle Dicker, MD
 James Dilley, MD
 John R. Domingos
 Maryanne Downes and Granger Tripp
 Simone Echeguren
 Joan C. Eckart
 Kamran Elahian
 Christian and Jacqueline Erdman
 Robert and Gwen Evans
 Olallo L. Fernandez
 Frederick S. Fields
 Walter and Janet Finkbeiner
 David and Victoria Fleishhacker
 Marie Fontenot
 Hannah E. Frick
 Lawrence J. Frye
 Jessica and Marc Galens
 Gannett Foundation
 Stephen Garber and Rena Pasick
 Gloria G. Getty
 Reid Giedt Jr.
 Brad Gilbert
 Marta Gillespie
 Linda Grais, MD and John Freund, MD
 Sara Grauf
 Priscilla Grevert
 David and Margie Guggenhime
 Patrick Gunn and Jane Kopecna
 Pamela Harrington
 Scott and Laura Harrison
 Peter D. and Florence R. Hart
 G. Laurie Hatch
 Sara Haynes and Michael Scippa
 Brenden Heafey
 James J. Heeger
 Deirdre H. Henderson
 Olivia J. Herbert
 Anne Herrera
 Henry L. Hilty, Jr.
 Suzanne Hockel
 Marianne C. Hockenberry
 Fe B. Hortinela
 Carolee Houser
 Franchelle W. Howes
 Patricia Hunter
 Eric and Liz Isaacs
 Rebecca Jennings and Walter Mann
 Aaron Jensen
 Venessa Jn-Baptiste
 Bonnie N. Joe
 Mark S. Jones
 Sam Jones and Kim Scheibly
 Galen Joseph
 Jennie E. Jung
 Matthew Kahn and Abigail Stewart Kahn
 Jeffrey Kaminsky
 Ann Karns
 Zachary K. Kau
 Kathleen A. Kelly
 Sheila P. Kerr
 Wendy Kesser
 Gregory Kimball
 Leigh Kimberg and Melissa Lim
 Sylvia R. Kipp
 Stuart and Terry Kleeman
 Pamela L. Koe
 Jordan L. Kramer, MD
 Ann and James Lazarus
 Robin and David Lee
 Stephanie Lee
 Dennis Levi
 Jerry and Toby Levine
 Marie Lilly and Robert Henriquez
 Shou M. Lin
 Robert and Paula Linderman
 Steven S. Lowenstein
 Catherine Lyons
 Nancy W. Marks Fund in Memory of James and Roslyn Marks at The Chicago Community Foundation
 Fred J. Martin, Jr.
 Lisa S. Maslow
 June and James McCarthy
 James McCollum
 Evan S. McCulloch
 Joan McGrattan
 Charles and Laura Mills
 Hideyo and Kathleen Minagi
 Susan Moldaw
 Ferruccio Morassi
 Maggie Mui
 Elizabeth Murphy and Elizabeth Weise
 Scott C. Neely
 Joseph and Lisa Nevin
 Khanh T. Nguyen
 Elaine F. Ninokata
 Stephen L. Nishimura, MD
 William T. Norris
 Robert L. Nussbaum, MD
 Maria and Michael O’Brien
 Robert E. O’Donnell
 Audrey Owen
 Christine L. Oyer
 James and Joan Paddor
 Stanley L. Padilla
 Vijay R. Patel
 Robert G. Patton
 Julie Pearl
 Linda C. Perez, Esq.
 Frances S. Petrocelli
 Kelly Pfeifer
 Dai Pham
 Mark and Janet Plumley
 Philip Rosenthal and Candace Swimmer
 Jennifer M. Ross
 Julie C. Russell
 Alex and Judith Saldamando
 Grace M. Sanchez
 Delia O. Sandoval
 Amanda J. Sargisson
 Jim and Emily Scheinman
 Deborah Schlanger
 Amy Schoening
 Kimberly Siegmund
 Irina Sikela
 Alex Slack
 Terri Slagle
 Mathew and Elizabeth Smith
 Susan Snyder and Steven Sockolov
 Rosana Soriano
 Bernard G. Stalder
 Melissa Stoller
 Dorian F. Stull
 Karlyn Sugai
 Robert Sweeney
 Kay Taneyhill and George Matiasz
 Beng H. Teng
 Gladys Thacher
 Angelka Tolu
 Michael and Margaret Torpey
 Felix Vega
 Craig Vercruysse
 Donna J. Verna
 Marisa Walker
 Thomas and Ruth Ann Watkins
 Jane S. Weston
 Mark W. Wilson, MD
 Michael R. Wilson
 Bruce U. Wintroub
 Art and Janet Wong
 Nadine D. Wright
 Sriram Yadavalli
 Abbie Yant, RN
 Mary I. Zemanek


 Anonymous (23)
 Anne Abrams
 Liane Abrams
 Melba R. Acosta
 Wendy Adamek
 Francesco Adamo
 Bruce and Susan Adams
 Elizabeth Aleman
 Loretta M. Alforque
 Lateefan and Shaheed Ali
 Jonathan B. Allen
 Walker Allen
 Charles Allison, MD
 Erika Alvarez
 Zane D. Amenhotep, MD
 Eric Amrozowicz
 Benjamin Amundson
 Betsey B. Archer
 Tamara Arnow
 Samuel E. Asher
 Thomas R. Asher
 Elizabeth L. Ashley
 Eva S. Auchincloss
 Brynn Aylward
 Thelma S. Babiera
 Ronald P. Bachman
 Rachel Baden
 Cedric and Dorothy Bainton
 Jane Baker
 Susan S. Ball
 Julie Baller and Howard Graves
 Maria A. Balmaceda
 John Balmes and Sherry Katz
 Joseph and Clara Barbaccia
 Joan and John Barkan
 Judith C. Barker
 Rosemary Barlow
 Anne Bastian
 Charla W. Baubel
 Donald and Jennifer Bearss
 Geraldine Beauvais
 S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
 Christina E. Benson
 Richard and Maureen Bergson
 Alan J. Berkeley
 Elizabeth Berman
 Chittasane Bhongsudhep and Ruth Lee
 Monica Bien
 Sheila Birmingham
 April Bisgaard
 Naveena R. Bobba
 Alicia Boccellari and Michael D. Shore
 Peter J. Bockrath
 M. Luisa Bondonno
 Robert and Lourdes Borden
 Therese C. Brandi
 Joshua Bress
 Peter and Devon Briger
 Paula Brogan
 Timothy and Margaret Brown
 Dana and Gary Budd
 Daniel P. Burns
 Mike and Connie Burris
 Jesse and Eva Byrd
 Max and Brookes Byrd
 Sharon H. Calcagno
 Vasteen Caldwell
 Phyllis R. Cardozo
 Ralph A. Carlson
 Rosa M. Carrillo
 Kevin M. Carroll
 Molly S. Carter
 Jack and Shirley Casey
 Lori Castellucci
 Elizabeth Castillo
 Domingo A. Caton
 John P. Cello, MD
 Ramendranath and Archana Chakrabarti
 Raymond and Phyllis Chan
 Salina B. Chan
 Judy M. Cheng
 Eva M. Cheong
 Helen Cherkis
 Benjamin J. Chew, DDS
 Loretta S. Chietti
 Crandall and Leta Ching
 Julie Chinn
 Carole Chinn-Morales
 Sandra Chong
 Edward and Loretta L. Chow
 Jeffrey A. Chow
 Brian W. Choy
 Randall Choy
 Stephanie Choy
 Angela and William Chu
 William and Daisy Chu
 Gavin Chun
 Barbara J. Cicerelli
 Charles Clark and Arlene Waksberg
 Mark Claycomb
 Jan E. Clayton
 Patricia G. Clevenger
 Cheryl Clifford
 Harold C. Coffee Jr.
 Deborah E. Colden
 Elizabeth L. Colton
 Chris Compton
 Kelly Connors
 Stephen and Beverly Conrad
 Raymond and Monica Conrady
 Marilyn Cooney
 Robin J. Cooper, MD
 Sally Cooper
 Michelle Cooper-Sood
 Jane V. Corbett, RN, EdD
 Paul Couey
 Victoria A. Cox
 James D. Coyer
 Susan Coyle
 Theodore W. Craig
 Anne and Matthew Cramer
 Elizabeth B. Crawford
 Lindsey Crittenden
 Brian and Sandra Cruz
 Dory Culver and Walter Nirenberg
 Dorothy A. Cunningham
 Winton Davies
 Linda M. Davis
 Richard and Laura Davis
 Carmen Cote de Vaughn
 Shau S. Defield
 Lisa DeHaas
 Mary D’Elia
 John DeLustro
 Nikhil Desai
 Robert and Elizabeth Devlin
 Susan and Dave DeVries
 Fred and Peggy Dias
 Mary L. Dias
 Jose Diaz
 Teresa Dildine
 Keith Doerge
 Christine Domingo
 Daniel Dominguez-Moncada
 Joanne Donsky and Stuart Oremland
 Diane P. Downing, RN
 Deborah A. Duncan
 John E. Dunphy
 Kellene Eagen and Brian Schneirow
 Linda Edelstein and Marion Gillen
 Maja C. Engelhardt
 Nikki Erickson
 David and Renee Erle
 Molly Esskew
 Bertha Fajardo
 Shotsy Faust and Toni Mirosevich
 Michael Fein
 Lois and Roland Feller
 Linda Ferber
 Benjamin and Grace Fernandez
 Eberhard Fiebig, MD and Raheela Ghafur
 Barbara K. Finck, MD
 Carolyn Flagiello
 Denise A. Flaherty
 Shawn K. Fletcher
 Flavio and Germelina Flores
 Michael L. Foley
 Robert S. Fong
 William J. Fong
 Stephen W. Fotter
 Patricia E. Franks
 Rita Freimanis
 Margo Freistadt and Lynn Ludlow
 Terence Friedlander, MD
 Philip and Velia Frost
 Dorothy M. Frye
 Julyann L. Fu
 Louise Y. Fung
 Larry and Carol Gage
 Stanley P. Galant
 Jerome and Leah Garchik
 Eddie C. Garcia
 Lucia Garcia
 Gloria Garcia-Orme and John Robin Orme
 Bernadette Gates
 Harry Gazarian
 Margaret Gilbreth
 Johanna B. Gillespie
 Linda Giudice and Athanasios Theologis
 Kenneth and Kay Gobalet
 Margie A. Goldstein
 Fabio and Maria Goncalves
 Joshua and Karen Goodman
 Gabriel Gregoratos
 Elizabeth Grivett
 Anthony Grumbach and Kate Poole
 Kristin Guggenhime
 Jennifer C. Gunn
 Margaret and Cornelius Hagan
 Gregory Hahn and Wendy Cole
 Jeremy Hallisey
 Hali Hammer and Margaret Hutchison
 Elizabeth G. Hampson
 Jane A. Hansen
 Lori Harrison
 Jon J. Hayward
 Ting Ting Alice He and Tom Chen
 Valithia Head
 Edward Healton
 Erin N. Heath
 Victor and Muriel Hebert
 Karl and Michele Heisler
 Patrick J. Heryford
 George Herzog
 Yoneko Higashigawa
 Beverly J. Hines
 Bruce R. Hirsh
 Leslie M. Holpit
 Stanford M. Horn
 Joanne L. Howard
 Thomas M. Hresko
 Yu-Chin Huang
 Schuyler Hudak
 William Huen and Angela Gonzalez
 Vivian Hurst
 Jeanette Hurwitz
 Susan E. Ilnicki
 Italian Catholic Federation Branch No. 7
 Alexander and Lilia Jackson
 Ralph and Judith Jacobson
 Andrea Jacoby and Robert Brody, MD
 Kristin Jensen
 Mark T. Jensen
 Lynn Jimenez-Catchings and John Catchings
 Sylvia G. Johnson
 Melisa Jones
 Ann Jorgensen
 Veronica Juarez
 Lona Jupiter
 Rachael Kagan and Timothy Rowe
 Richard H. Kallet
 Diana Kardash
 Fred and Judith Karlsen
 Noel Kaufman and Nicole Grindle
 Brendon Kearney
 Chris Keller
 Joy Kellman
 Barbara A. Kelly
 Dawn Kelly
 Eleanor J. Kelly
 Mary Ellen Kelly
 Maureen Kelly
 James and Renate Kempf
 Phyllis A. Kempner and David D. Stein
 Rebecca Kennedy and Craig Williams
 Anne L. Kinderman, MD
 J. Kirkpatrick
 William Kissick
 Susan Klee
 Peggy Knudson, MD
 Wha G. Ko
 Kimiko Kobayashi
 Lynn and Scott Kobren
 Jane E. Koehler, MD
 Douglas and Barbara Konecky
 Elise Kroeber
 Christine Kronthal
 Evelyn Kuo
 Iliana Kurfess
 Lisa H. Kwong
 Timothy La
 Po Y. Lai
 Cristal Lam
 Paul and Winnie Lam
 Yim K. Lam
 Jeanne Lan
 Kevin Langley
 John and Chhanseda Lanterman
 Lisa R. Larribeau
 Jary Larsen
 Choi F. Lau Lo
 Wendy Lazarus
 Yann Le Bihan
 Amie Y. Lee
 Carol A. Lee
 Clifford A. Lee
 Jane S. Lee
 Jessie Lee
 Michael and Sylvia Lee
 Peter A. Lee
 Selena Lee
 Sophia M. Lee
 Kiren and Michael Leeds
 Ai Ren Lei and Shu Zhen Wu
 Jennifer Leon
 Leslie’s Nails
 David Levine
 Jay and Sharon Levy
 Jim and Marcia Levy
 Andrea J. Lewin
 S. M. Lieu
 Lincoln and Kathleen Lin
 Yue-Herng Lin
 Bonnie L. Lindahl
 Julie Lipkin
 Lawrence S. Lipkind
 Laurie A. Lipper
 Angela C. Little, PhD
 Barry and Carol Livingston
 William S. Lo
 Nancy J. Lobaugh
 Robert and Edith Lockhart
 Barbara Loebel
 Carole A. Lombard
 Frank and Sally Lopez
 Rosa M. Lopez
 Alvin Low and Helen Dowling
 Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
 Rachel Lownds
 Joseph Lurie
 Tac-Si Ly
 Catherine E. Lynch
 Margaret Lynch and William Bennett
 Michael J. Lynch
 Catherine MacInnes
 Berta R. Magnant
 Ilyse I. Magy
 Mark C. Mancao
 Milan Mangeshkar and Nanden Joshi
 Cynthia Mar
 Sabrina A. Marquez
 Gerald R. Masan
 Patricia L. Mason
 Vera A. Matsumoto
 Jack W. McAninch, MD and Burnet B. Sumner, PhD
 Robin McBride
 Francis and Diane McCarthy
 George and Karen McCown
 Douglas E. McCoy
 Chelsea McGhie
 Thomas F. McGovern
 K. McIntosh
 June and George McLaughlin
 Betsy McMahon
 Katie McPeak and Christopher Convery
 Daniel J. Mellor
 William and Roni Mentzer
 Josephine L. Meskan
 Monique Metoyer
 Susan and Sterling Meyer
 Alfredo J. Meza
 Christy Mihaly
 Jessica Mihaly
 Lisa Mihaly and William Weihl
 Howard J. and Eleanor Miller
 Thomas J. Miller
 Norma B. Mina
 John and Susan Molinari
 Patti Montague
 Kent E. Moore
 Paul Moran
 Katie Morris and Jason McCarthy
 Emily M. Morrison
 Charles R. Moser
 Paul E. Moslander
 Judith Mosqueda
 Babak and Elham Motie
 Barbara Mow
 Steven S. Muchnick, PhD
 Jeffrey Mulford
 Elaine M. Mullins
 Ricardo and Patsy Muñoz
 Tim Murphy
 Kathryn Murray
 Barbara Musser
 Claudia A. Myall
 Bernadette and Peter Naughton
 Howard R. Neckel
 Larry Nejasmick
 Alissa D. Nelson
 Dianna Ng
 Mabel Ng
 Choi Nguyen and Thuy Luu
 Corissa and Jeff Nichols
 John Nitenson
 Joan A. Nitis
 Michael Nordberg
 David P. Norton, MD
 Rochelle Novins
 Herbert N. Ochitill, MD
 Patricia O’Connor and Gregory Jennings
 Ann ODonnell
 Hironori Ogino
 Luna Okada
 Nancy M. Omahen
 Joanna Omi
 Erika Opper and James Horton
 Fern Orenstein-Donenfeld
 Arceli A. Ortiz
 Edie Ortmann
 Koji Osawa
 Edward J. Osowski
 Rodolfo and Maria Panopio
 Vijay C. Parikh
 Eun Sun Park
 Ann Parker
 Lisa U. Pascual, MD and David W. Mead, MD
 David Peacock
 Jessica Perez
 Maria D. Perez
 Mary Anne and Arthur Perkins
 Ursula D. Perotti, RN
 Patricia Perry and Stephen McPhee
 Henry S. Phung
 Valerie Pinkert Charitable Fund
 Andrea D. Pittman
 Amber J. Pope
 Mary J. Porter
 Nadine J. Quan
 Debbie Quinan
 Collin Quock
 Kimmie L. Quon
 Pearl Quong
 Robert and Joan Rabin
 Mary Lee Rafferty
 Nancy Rains
 Barbara K. Ranes
 Norma A. Reay
 J. Richard and Karen Recht
 Jan C. Reicher
 Edward and Bobbie Remedios
 Chris Retajczyk
 Paul J. Reulbach
 Audrey and Robert Ricci
 Connie K. Richardson
 Marcie Rickun
 Katherine Ricossa
 Holly Risner-Perez
 Frank H. Risso
 Laura Ritter
 Susan Robertson
 Brian and Rianne Rocca
 Patricia A. Rockett
 James and Eileen Downing Roddy
 James W. Roe
 Marguerite Roemer and Wesley F. Leung
 Frederick and Joel Anne Roll
 Demian Rose and Christina Friedrich
 Alexander and Kelly Jane Rosenblatt
 Martha C. Ross
 Thomas P. Ross
 John and Carole Ruffo
 Robert N. Ruggles
 Lauren Ruiz
 Dana Russ
 Elliot Ryan
 Jody Ryan
 Shirley Ryan
 Larissa Rydin
 Mark and Kathy Sabatino
 Robert and Beth Saltzman
 David H. Sarne, MD
 Thomas A. Sattler, MD
 Morris Schambelan, MD
 Marcia Schantz
 Edward E. Schiffer
 John C. Schimpf
 Richard and Phyllis Schlobohm
 Jeffrey Schneckenberger and Cameron Story
 Peter and Victoria Schneider
 Robert and Raquel Schneiderman
 Pauline M. Scholten
 Mimi Schreiber
 Concetta Schroepfer
 Jean Schwab
 Danny Schwager
 Michael and Mary Jo Schymeinsky
 John E. Sealander
 Suzana Seban
 Lou Segale
 Jane G. Seifert
 Kathryn A. Seligman
 Mark Seligman
 Anna Selina
 Rita R. Semel
 John Servatius
 Patrick and Lorraine Shea
 Timothy and Mary Sheehy
 Wylie and Judith Sheldon
 Sandra Shimizu
 Herman and Marianne Shine
 Carla Sillin
 Perry M. Simon
 Mark S. Siobal
 Tracy N. Sklar
 Regina K. Snyder
 Steve Snyder
 Sarika Sood
 James and Angela Soriano
 Jessica Soriano
 Isabel Sperry
 Nevin Spieker
 Anna Spielvogel and Maung Tin-Wa
 Margaret and Michael Stafford
 John Stedman and Julie Brook
 Michael and Tania Stepanian
 Jane P. Stern
 Ella B. Sternberg, MD
 Jo Ann Stewart
 Jennifer Stoloff
 Michael and Susan Storck
 Elizabeth H. Storey
 Venus Strawn
 Tuti Suardana
 Fornia W. K. Sue
 Patricia Sullivan
 Margery Tabankin
 Christina Talivaa
 Siu-Kong and Yim Tam
 James and Esther Tang
 Angela Tang Soriano
 Maria Tay
 Bliss M. Temple
 Jennifer P. Thomas
 Lawrence and Jan Thorpe
 Eleanor R. Tiangco
 Eileen and Darryl Tillman
 Gabriela D. Toache-Guerrero
 Mine Tolu
 Selina P. Totanes
 Amy Tovar
 Ann Tran
 Mazie Tsang
 Janeen Tuitupou
 Justine Underhill
 Yvonne and Robert Uyeki
 Dorothy W. Vaio
 Gustavo J. Vallejo
 Leon Van Steen
 Juan E. Vargas, MD
 Lisa M. Vegas
 Vivian Velez
 Mark Verrey
 Catherine R. Villa
 Samuel C. Villamor
 Regina T. Villanueva
 Norma L. Vite
 Randy and Ting Vogel
 Peter W. Von Lukanovic
 Enh Vong
 Christine A. Wachsmuth, RN
 Ethel M. Wallace
 Christina C. Wang
 Terri Wanke
 Emily Webb
 Karl and Judith Weisgraber
 Elizabeth Weiss
 Linda A. Werner
 Alan E. Whiteside
 Charles and Sandra Whitmore
 Rodger and Jim Whitney Herold
 Susan Wilde
 Nancy A. Wilkinson
 Susan J. Willey
 Troy S. Williams
 Charles R. Wilson
 Gary A. Winter
 Richard and Sharon Wise
 Reena Wittig
 Jon Wolken
 James P. Wollak
 David Y. Wong
 Lillian L. Wong
 Sally M. Wong
 Teresa L. Wright, MD
 Lucy Wu
 Bill Wygant
 Holley Wysong
 Keith R. Yamamoto
 Lori L. Yamauchi
 Renmin Yan
 Daniel and Anne Yanow
 Timothy H. T. Yau
 Kenneth L. Yazzie
 Peter and Frances Yee
 Yang Li Yee
 Raymond Young
 Steve Yuen
 Sharron M. Zakus
 Sam Zanze
 Jeff Zinsmeyer
 Elad Ziv, MD


 Anonymous (17)
 Lorraine A. Abrahamsohn
 Noel Adams
 Andres and Jill Alcantar
 Tommie Alcaraz
 Placida Almendarez
 Judy Amado
 Sylvia J. Anderson
 Linda Arguello
 Carol Asnault
 Linda Asti
 Lynne M. Atkinson
 Brian Au
 Paul Axelrod and Kristen Sligar
 Robin M. Azevedo
 George G. Bacigalupi
 Victoria S. Bahnasy
 Lando and Josephine Baldocchi
 Charles S. Ball
 Teresita R. Ball
 Mary L. Ballard
 Theodore J. Ballas
 Wendy Bear
 Susan Berenson
 Melanie E. Berzon
 Judith H. Betro
 Mary and Derek Bianchi
 Debbie Bianconi and Jorge Domingo
 Carol and Bruce Bird
 Camelin Blackstone
 Pamela Bobowski
 Cissie Bonini
 Rosahlie T. Borgonia
 Aimee Bosley
 Kelly Botelho
 Paul Brady
 Carolina Bravo
 Mikhail and Lilya Bresker
 Ruth V. Brodie
 Mary Brodzinsky
 Jacob Broff
 Diane J. Brothers
 Richard Bruce
 Rachael Burton
 Carol Card
 Gwen Carton
 Peter C. Carton
 Silvia E. Carvajal
 Ann Casper
 Diane Cassano
 Linda Casson
 Iliana G. Castro
 Jeanne A. Caturegli
 Rita and David Cawlfield
 Ivy Chan
 Kevin Chavez
 Raymond and Emmy Cheng
 Michael Cherkis
 Chester Cheung
 Charles Choi
 Edward Chu
 Angelo Cilia
 Michelle Cleave
 Katherine J. Connolly
 Fraser C Conrad
 Gus C. Constantinos
 Nancy W. Coopersmith
 Belinda Craig
 Mary Craig
 Jeff and Laura Critchfield
 Gretchen A. Cummings
 Henrietta S. Currrier
 Aram and June Darmanian
 Deborah J. Davidson
 Jay de Wolf
 Nina DeHaas
 Tai Diep and Tina Tran
 George Dionne
 Sheila M. Dolezal
 Brigid R. Donovan
 Jeanne Dorward
 Susan Dugger-Mathison
 Elizabeth D. Eddy
 Magdalen Edmunds
 Thomas G. Edwards
 Darlene Eglin
 Jean Ellingsen
 Mahara J. Espinoza
 Kathy Faenzi
 Gloria Y. Fan
 Roseann Fanucchi
 Lora O. Faris
 Dwayne Farrell
 Jonathan Feldman
 Ronald J. Ferrari
 Donna Ferriero, MD and Thomas Rando
 Lynne Fingerman
 Fish and Farm
 Chris C. Fitzsimons
 Susan A. Floore
 Nancy L. Foley
 Evie Fong
 Joyce A. Fong
 Theresa Fong
 Sarah B. Foo
 Helena R. Foster
 Jennifer Fowler
 Willie and Dolores Frazier
 Miya Frick
 Marlyse A. Fuller
 Maria C. Garcia
 Belete Gebrewold and Mertenesh Asrat
 Rose W. Gee
 Donna A. George
 Rose Gilardi
 Mitchell Gitin
 Vivian Golden
 Laura Gonzales
 Mary M. Grasser
 Douglas Green
 Susan L. Green
 Audrey E. Groomes
 Kathryn D. Grossi
 Susen Y. Grossman
 Richard A. Grube
 Conrad V. Guintu, Jr.
 Anne Halsted
 Kyle and Sarah Hanson
 Julie L. Harms
 Joseph H. Harris, Jr.
 Kim Haveson
 Carol Heald
 Sam Heidari
 Beverly S. Henry
 Donald and Louise Heyneman
 Patricia A. Higa
 Zoe Ann Hinson-Pardini
 Annik T. Hirshen
 Sarah Hodgson
 Myrna Q. Holden
 Roderick Hong
 Richard and Terry Horrigan
 Georgiana Talusan Horwitz
 Mohamed M. Hosny
 Peter and Carol Hupke
 Freddie F. Hurt
 Ryu Inoue
 Mohammad and Patrice Iqbal
 Paula and Francis Itaya
 Hilary Jacobs
 Meri Jaye
 Carolyn Jayin
 Andrew and Alexa Johnson
 Karen F. Johnson
 Loretta M. Johnson
 Helen C. Jung
 Patima Kanchanabut
 Rachele S. Kanigel
 Rebekah Kaplan
 Ana Kaye
 Richard Kazis
 Anne Kenney
 John Kerner, MD
 Margaret A. Kerns
 Brenda Kett
 Gary A. Kindsvatter
 Yoko Kinoshita
 Marilyn J. Kjolberg
 Anna L. Ko
 Claire H. Koeper
 Ming and Har Koo
 Vichai and Evelyn Kovitprakornkul
 Paula Kowalczuk
 Gary Krausz
 Linda L. Kring
 Beatrice Krivetsky
 Faith and Paul Kroeger
 Gary and Tonya Kurtzman
 Christiana Kyrillou
 Jeanne C. Lacy
 Silvia Landau
 Carole Landis
 Richard and Karen Landucci
 Martin Lanfranco
 Edwin T. Lansang
 Emily Leang
 Erin Lebe
 Dixon Lee
 Emily Le-Han
 Steven Leiner and Mary Mays
 Samantha Leung
 Rachel Levi
 Mindy Levine
 Joshua P. Levinson
 Henry and Pansy Lew
 Fiona O. Li
 Kai M. Lieu
 Lin Du Temple
 Catherine Linehan
 Jeffrey H. Littlefield
 Wai Lo and Donald Woo
 Wilson Lo
 Edward O. Loehrer
 Kyoko Lok
 Claudia H. Loo
 Nancy Loo-Manning
 Bertha L. Lopez
 Erica P. Lorie
 Eva Heung Lan Louie
 J. David Lowe
 Lydia R. Lozada
 Kristin Luce
 Annie Luetkemeyer
 Bronte Lukanish
 Elba Lutkemuller
 Frawley J. Lynch
 Jorge and Sue Ann Madrigal
 Mary J. Malkinson
 Howard and Elaine Maltz
 Beverly Mangus, RN
 Louise C. Marcal
 Eugenie E. Marek
 Susan Margolis
 Andrea K. Marmor, MD
 Romana L. Martin
 Carol L. Maxwell
 Albert Mazzie, MD and Margaret Mazzie
 Patricia McBride
 George R. McCrum
 Donald and Judy McCubbin
 Sarah and John McCuskey
 Nicole C. McKeown
 Charlotte McMinn
 David E. Meders
 Susan N. Meister
 Guillermo Melara
 Michael and Barbara Melhus
 Greer Mendel
 Victoria Mendoza
 Nancy L. Merchant
 Cheryl L. Meuter
 Marilyn Milkman and Adam Gordon
 Harold Miller and Barbara Conahan
 Laura Miller
 Meg Miller
 Pete Molin
 Justin W. Moore
 Rosa M. Morales
 Charlene A. Moran
 Sandy and Robert Myers
 NASDAQ Employee Giving
 Frank Nemzer
 Harley S. Nemzer
 Laurie A. Nemzer
 Penny Nemzer
 Scott Newcombe
 Sara J. Newman
 Alexander and Mimi Ng
 Tina Ng
 Anita Nichols
 Robert and Bea Nissenson
 Livinus and Bernadine Nwihim
 Kathleen O’Brien
 Angela Ocampo
 Diana T. Ogimi
 Nancy Ann Okano
 Jan Ong
 Lucille D. Palma
 Katherine C. Pang, PharmD
 Virginia Panlasigui
 Janice Papedo, RN, PhD
 Apichart Parkaree
 Cora L. Paschall
 Jennifer I. Peponis
 Oscar R. Peralta
 Lise Peria
 Joshua Pines
 Patricia P. Plummer
 Michael Poole
 Michael Poplardo
 Robin A. Pressman
 Caroline L. Prince
 Elana Quan
 Dyanna Quizon
 Dolores Radding
 Brian S. Ranes
 Piper Rankine
 Taylor Ray
 Alan and Nancy Raznick
 Ariana M. Reyes
 Barbara S. Rice
 Victoria Rideout and Jack Pitts
 Maria E. Rivera
 Gina and Anthony Roja
 James K. Rolin
 Jessica B. Romm
 Dirkje M. Rook
 Barbara S. Rosasco
 Janet M. Rosenfield
 Scott Rottenberg and Jimmy Korshak
 Kaushik and Stacy Roy
 Matthew and Aimee Rozen
 Constance A. Ryan
 Leslie Safier
 Stephan Salit
 Guido J. Salomone, Jr.
 John F. Sampson
 Catherine Sanchez
 Deanna Sanchez
 Maria Rowena F. Satorre
 Carol Schaffer
 Spencer Scheer
 Lauren Schryver
 Kathleen Scott
 Shelby Semmes
 Bill Seringer
 Sandy Shapero
 Elaine R. Shingleton
 Kevin Shinseki
 Inna Shkolnik
 Joseph E. Sifuentes
 Shoshana A. Silberman
 Anne K. Silverman
 Etienne E. Simon
 Andrew Sims
 Louie and Connie Sisneros
 Laurel Skurko
 Barbara B. Smith
 Linda Smithey
 Bruce and Gayle Snyder
 Tiffany Sohn
 Naveenraj Solomon
 Eric M. Spishak-Thomas
 Christina G. Stafford
 Georgia S. Stamates
 Gus and Jeanne Stamates
 Arlene Stein
 Carl Stein
 Tim Stember
 Diane Stewart
 Joni Strother
 Pramote Suebsayon and Aranya Apiwansri
 Jimmie H. Takeuchi
 Patricia and Steven Glen Temple Gabbe
 Kathy Terrell
 Arlene M. Thomason
 Diane Tom
 Lance Torrey
 David Trinh and Julia Chau
 Lisa Trueblood
 Timothy Tune
 Mehtap Turan
 Roger Vail
 Laura S. Van Zandt
 Elizabeth Vazquez
 Sandra L. Veneigh
 Cesar B. Viajar
 Gayle Visher
 Juliette S. Vo
 Peter H. Vogt
 Ruth S. Vose
 Paul and Neva Wall
 Roderick V. Wallace
 Diane Walter
 Lewis L. Wei
 Miriam B. Weinberg
 Raymond J. Weiss
 Michael J. Werther
 Gayle Whitaker
 Blanche L. White
 Karen A. Whitley
 Sarah C. Whitmer
 Amy Whittle, MD
 Linda Williams
 Lisa J. Williams
 Timothy Wilson and Sylvain Pelletier
 Beatrice Wirth
 Daniel M. Wlodarczyk, MD
 Peter C. Wolcott
 Victoria W. Wolcott
 Alexa Wolford
 Joni M. Wong
 Lai Ching Wong
 Luwissa Wong
 Serena D. Wong
 Teong S. Wong
 Harvey and Sandy Woo
 Chitose Yasumoto
 Adam and Jean Young
 Feng Ping Yu
 Kin T. Yu
 Sandra X. Yu
 Keely Zahn
 Patricia H. Zamzow
 Karen Zemelman
 Lorna and Douglas Zlock


 Anonymous (16)
 AARP Pacific Heights Chapter
 Lanny and Jeralyn Adams
 Carrie Adler
 Donald C. Alvarez
 Jennifer Anderson
 Barbara M. Angeli
 Rose Arenas
 Jerri Armitage
 Daniel Auker
 Johnny Bach
 James and Elizabeth Baker
 Sharlyne Balano, RN
 Ann Baldasseroni
 Alejandro M. Bartning
 Matthew Beld
 Robert M. Bellina
 J. Bem
 Linda E. Benedetti
 Nel D. Benningshof
 Terry G. Berman
 Renee M. Betancourt
 Anne Bevan
 Melissa Binger
 Noel Blos
 Raymond C. Bohn
 Judith C. Borthwick
 Kamran Bral
 Daniel and Valerie Bremner
 Arthur and Dorothy Bridgeman
 Brette Brier
 Thelma B. Bronet
 Mariska Brown
 Susan M. Bufka
 Sherry Burns
 Colin Buzza
 Allen Cain
 Robert Callwell
 Leovigilda C. Cantong
 Lilia Caparas
 Blanca J. Carbajal
 Madison Carbone
 Alberto Cartagena
 Gilda M. Cassanego
 Benjamin Chaffee
 Allison Chagi-Starr
 Benjamin Chambers
 Edythe Chan
 Hoover Chan and Debra Liu
 King and Yuen Chan
 Pak Chan and Jenny Wong
 Eunice Y. Chang
 Mary Chaplin
 Qiaoai Chen
 Pauline Cheung
 Tak C. Cheung
 Wing L. Chew
 Beatriz S. Chichoni
 Sandra Christman
 Jimmy G. Chun
 Melissa A. Clarkson
 Joshua Cohen
 Companion Care Services
 Mariano D. Consul
 Felicia J. Cooper
 Jose Coronel
 Maria Coronel-Roy
 Amy C. Cortright
 William Couch
 Maggie M. Courtney
 Lolita B. Cox
 Elaine Cramer
 Keith Cudaback
 Sandra Curtis
 Samuel A. Darby, III
 Robert Darchi
 Ruth E. Dark
 Sharon A. de Wit
 Ilda Delgadillo
 Girma Demissie
 Marilyn Devine
 Erika Diaz
 Laura DiNardo
 Ron and Cheryl Domenichelli
 Michael Domenici
 Adele Dow
 Walter H. Dow
 Martin P. Duda
 Sanford Duncan
 Audrey Earl
 Vali J. Ebert
 Gary Egan
 Luba J. Egan
 Aaron M. Ely
 Claudia E. Escobar
 Abby Everson
 Cheryl A. Ewing
 Margaret M. Fachini
 Maryam Farshad
 Barbara K. Feiereisel
 Liz and Samuel Felipe
 Edwin D. Ferrari
 Alice Fichandler
 Olivia I. Fiel
 Duncan and Robin Fife
 Donald R. Flach
 John Flanagan
 Paula Fleming
 Jennie Fong
 Quock Q. Fong
 Stanley S. Fong
 Wilmer Fong
 Yee and Selwyn Fong
 Michiko N. Foster
 Michael Friedmann
 Ronald E. Fritz
 Marilyn Fung
 Jonathan A. Funk
 Dolores J. Gagucas
 Guadalupe G. Garchitorena
 Myra and Nestor Garcia
 Rochelle Gatlin
 Jerome Y. Geffner
 Jeannine Germano
 Susan L. Gibson
 Olive T. Giovannetti
 Allen H. Go
 Claudia Goytia
 Katherine S. Grant
 Grenco Natural Gas, Inc.
 Steve L. Griffin
 Michael Gropper and Lynn Westphal
 Richard L. Gross
 Claudia Guerra
 Doris E. Guzman
 Carroll Hall
 Norma A. Hall
 Lorna Harding
 Christa L. Haun
 Robert Hauptman
 Jean E. Hayward, MD
 HDC Trust
 Russell Heiman
 Claire Herrick
 Martha Higdon
 Jennie Hou
 Johnny and Helena Hsiung
 Lisa K. Hunter
 Mary E. Huss
 Carol and David Inocencio
 Cynthia J. Jacobson
 Connie Jacowitz
 Helen Jan
 Blossom L. Jang
 Jonathan and Rhonda Jew
 Sing Jew
 Una H. Johnson
 Adrienne Jonas
 Noretha Y. Jones
 Vivian Jung
 Jean H. Kang
 Ellen O. Kato
 Barbara M. Keeley
 Nancy S. Kelly
 Akiko Kikuno
 Nancy Kirkpatrick
 Mike Kitay
 Stella H. Kiyota
 Brenda C. Klein
 Jeffrey A. Knapp
 Jaclyn Koro
 John C. Kuhn, MD
 Matthew E. Kutcher, MD
 Carol Lacina
 Gloria Lagomarsino
 Judy Lai
 Benson and Susan Lam
 Tak and Nim Lam
 Helen and Peter Lau
 Karen Lau
 Sam W. Lau
 Sandy and Susan Lau
 Susan K. Lauritzen, MD
 Cheuk and Susan Lee
 Jennifer Y. Lee
 Raymond and Annie Lee
 Elaine and Jonathan W. Leong
 Anton and Trish Lethin
 Eugene Leung and Charlene Lee
 Anthony A. Levintow
 David J. Levy
 Frank J. Leykamm
 Johnny Li
 Nancy and Linda Lieu
 Jaime Lockwood
 Kelley and Dustin Long
 Yook L. Louie
 Danielle H. D. Luo
 Mary MacGabhann
 Michael and Jean Macia
 Taras Madison
 Keith Malley
 Veena Manjunath
 Denise A. Manno
 William Mar and Tina Sung
 Madeline Marble
 Lawrence and Helen Marcus
 Reddy Marpadga
 Emily E. Martin
 Patricia Martin
 Maria Grace G. Martiniano, RHIT
 Katherine S. McCall
 Charlene McCoy
 Anthony O. McMills
 Martin P. Meier
 Jose and Maribel Menendez
 Patricia Merino Price
 Elena Mihaly
 Cathy M. Miller
 Jeffrey S. Minick
 Larry B. Mishkind
 Elvira S. Miyahira
 Lorraine Mock
 Katherine E. Moe
 Juanantonio Molina
 Julianne W. Mooney
 Debra S. Moore
 Ben and BeckiLynn Morgenthau
 Kevin and Twig Morris
 Hilma J. Mortell
 Valerie L. Mountain
 James A. Mourgos
 Victor Moye
 Greg R. Nemitz
 Richard A. Nesbit
 Jutta Neuenburg
 Kwok W. Ng
 Kimanh Nguyen and Trang Truong
 William A. Nieto
 Gladys E. Nuti
 Rena Orenstein
 Elizabeth Osborn
 Ryan S. Ouyoumjian
 Jacques and Mathilde Oyharcabal
 Sally Ozonoff
 Helen M. Pang
 Manuel D. Parayo
 Tony Patruno
 Brenda Payton
 Phyllis R. Pearle
 Viktoriya and Yuriy Pfening
 Theresa V. Plume
 Gail Plusch
 Donnalynn Polito
 Claudia Ponath
 Terry and Linda R. Post
 Kristie Postel
 Lyudmila Presler
 Seth Pross
 Mee F. Quan
 Mary Ellen Quinn
 Khadine T. Ramil
 Dusa A. R. Rammessirsingh
 Ofer Ravner
 Tuesday Ray
 Janice H. Reed
 Marshall Reiss
 Peter V. Rengstorff
 Kathy L. Rinetti
 Christina Rios
 Carol Robinson
 Eileen P. Rodman
 Cesar V. Rodriguez
 Shannon Rosenbaum
 Jose B. Roxas
 Mary-Jane Rubenstein
 Lidia H. Ruiz
 Rosa Ruiz
 Kristen Russo
 Moira and Joseph Russoniello
 Isaias and Guadalupe Saavedra
 Joel H. Sachs
 Valerie and Peter Samson
 Henry Sanchez
 Maria Nesa Sanchez
 Eunice Santiago
 Daniel M. Sauro
 Norman Schlossberg
 Ray M. Schrieber
 Isalia S. Schwartz
 William M. Schwartz
 Michelle Seiden
 Yuzya Selitskaya
 Sherril Shapiro
 George Z. C. Shen
 Eve Sicular
 Cynthia K. Sidaris
 Janice Simmons
 Janet M. Simons
 Jennifer Sims
 Carol Slater
 Kathleen Smith
 Thomas S. Smith
 Donald and Joyce Snyder
 Livio Socal
 Thomas W. Soohoo
 Paul Stein and Stephanie Weissman
 Matthew D. Stewart
 Richard Stookey and Martha Milton Stookey
 Elizabeth Stuart
 Colin Summers
 Nancy Talistu
 Isago I. Tanaka
 Al Tarif
 Carole Taylor
 Natasa Tekic
 Jami Tencati
 Olga and Harry Thomsen
 Kate M. Thornton
 Ruth R. Timbrell
 Chris Todd
 Sarah Tollner
 M. Christine Torrington, PhD
 Sharron M. Tracy
 Sandy Tran
 Irene Tse
 Eugenia and Paul Urtiew
 Evangeline S. Vance
 Charles and Mary Vella
 Arthur S. Vianna
 Pamela Victor
 James Warren
 Daniel Weinstein
 Melanie Wellbeloved
 Jane V. Wellman
 Karen Wells
 Kirk Whitlatch and Sharon Bleviss
 Anne and William Wield
 Audrey G. Williams
 Ashley Wilson
 Jeffrey R. Windsor
 Lisa G. Winston, MD
 Erica Wolfson
 Ardrian and Georginie Wong
 Stella Wong
 Marilyn W. Wylder
 Helen W. Yee
 Leonard and Loretta Yee
 Irene Yen
 Lawrence and Shirley Yip
 Janey Youngblom
 John and Salina Yuen
 Kay B. Yun
 Allen W. Yuu
 Joyce Zanze
 Norman A. Zilber


 Anonymous (1)
 Dolores C. Alejo
 Jose R. Alfaro
 Nemesia S. Alva
 Victor and Natrada Amporndanai
 Aurora C. Ancheta
 Paul T. Anderson
 Jeanne Angier
 Solomon Arbeiter
 Oscar and Anna Armstrong
 Joseph H. Artiga
 Susie Baity
 Giovanni and Mary Ellen Baldocchi
 Alan J. Bartholomew
 Billie Becker-Bem, LCSW
 Margie and George Belluomini
 Marc and Gail Berman
 Jenna and Brandon Bilinski
 David and Elaine Blair
 Sarah Blair
 Gina Bloom and John Elia
 Alexis Boac
 Cheryl Brennan
 Gioia P. Buggy
 William and Irma Bush
 Charles R. Calme
 Nelson Caminade
 Emma V. Campero
 Philip J. Carberry
 John C. Carrillo
 Jorge Castaeda
 Kateri Cates
 Lee Chandler
 Rhoda Charles
 Elias Chedid
 Maria B. Christopher
 Karen L. Cohn
 Frances Cole
 Rosa Colindres
 Martha Cordoba
 Matias N. Corrasco
 Camela Curry
 Julia Cutts
 Florentina J. de los Santos
 Chris Dolar
 Susan Doolittle
 Katheryne M. Erigero
 Jose J. Estrada
 Rachael Fried
 George Fu
 Lennie L. Gaines
 Joel and Rachel Gishkin
 Mary P. Go
 Julian Godin
 Valerie A. Gruber
 Nonna Gushchina
 Alicia B. Gutierrez
 Gina Hunt
 Patience Hutchinson
 Pablo and Felicita Ilagan
 Marie E. Ishigaki
 Eden V. Jaravata
 Joleen Ja-sun
 Leoguardo and Teresita Jomok
 Marcus A. Jung
 Kasey Katz
 Abe W. Kayoumi
 Dana Kleinhesselink
 Lisa A. Klinck-Shea
 Janis Krief
 Laca Krief
 William Krimmel
 Aliaksandr Kushch
 Gary W. Lau
 Yolanse Lau
 Jean C. Lebugle
 Philip and Barbara Lee
 Yuke and Mei Lee
 Thomas Leong
 Yang Li and Di Liu
 Yao M. Li
 Roland Lie
 Monica L. Limon-McClain
 V. J. Lockett
 William and Anne Loskutoff
 Sinh Ly and Yen Nguyen
 Francis and Wilma Madamba
 Larry P. Magee
 Barbara W. Mak
 Pastor A. Manalo
 Travis Manfredi
 Melvin S. Mann
 Tomasa R. Marania
 Adolph P. Marchi
 Victor H. Mar-Tang
 Doug Mckirahan
 Virginia N. Mejorada
 Rebecca A. Mollett
 Donald and Lillian Munakata
 Cynthia M. Munoz
 Michael Nakhimovsky
 Sam Neighbor
 Lawrence Nelson
 Daniel and Constance Neustein
 Hung and Katherine Nguyen
 George M. Okada
 Dianne C. Oki
 Jessica Olivo
 Eulalio C. Ombania
 Thelma Y. Ong
 Eleanor D. Paulsen
 Peerin Pianpraserdkool
 Nancy F. Pieszchala
 Lewis and Helena Pon
 Arcadio and Edita Reyes
 Laurence Ricci Krief
 Laurel Riordan
 Earldean V. S. Robbins
 Samuel H. Roberson
 Pepito and Estrella Rosales
 Sophia Rosenmoss
 Isadore and Helene Rosenthal
 Kathy Roshan Moreno
 James J. Russo
 George and Gwen Sacco
 Luz M. S. Saenz
 Janet Schwarz and Barbara Balestreri
 Teresa Sifuentes
 Pearl Taylor
 Leno L. Teat
 Bertha L. Thompson
 Cesar A. Tinio
 Paul and Jobena Tipp
 Bahar Tolu
 Mary Tonegato
 Sharon L. Trahan
 Hong A. T. Tran
 George Tsoutis
 Jesus Tziu
 Maya Vijayaraghavan and Rahul Desikan
 Sandra Violanti
 Rada B. Vladimirov
 James and Aldona Watts
 Ingeborg E. Winslow
 Robert Wo
 Ai Quen Wong
 Alice Wong
 Calvin Wong
 Holly Wong
 Sonya Wong
 Virginia W. Wong
 Dennis Y. F. Woo
 Man and Esther Yee
 Belles and Linda Yelda
 Frank Y. Yep
 Kwock Yong and Tu Luong
 Annie N. Young
 Mario and Julita Zaratan
 Hui Y. Zhang
 Nathan J. Zhou
 Jorge and Maria Zuloaga