CHRIS COOK ― Chris is a multi-talented artist and musician who works in a variety of mediums, including textile screen-printing, decoupage, mural painting, and electronic based installations. He has been heavily involved in the San Francisco art scene since 2012, and his works can be seen at many art shows and galleries throughout the city, including Art Attack SF, ArtNexus, and Artspan Art in Neighborhood exhibitions. Chris works regularly with several non-profit organizations such as The Central City SRO Collaboration (CCSRO) and CounterPulse. He strives to push the limits of his own abilities by exploring different techniques and conducting numerous “art experiments.” For his Heart, Chris wanted to create something colorful, playful and fun—and was accessible to all ages. His comic book collages began as an experiment with friends when he first moved to San Francisco five years ago and was having to live on the couches of art friends while he got started. He would buy the comics, three for $1 from the local toy store, and create the mannequin pieces to sell at art shows. People quickly fell in love with the creations, as it was a way to give new life to old forgotten comics, displaying beautiful images in an all new way. For more information on Chris:

This sculpture is approximately 16 inches tall, 17 inches across (at the widest point), on an 8 x 8 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 25 pounds.

Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.