RICK KITAGAWA ― Rick is an award-winning visual artist, storyteller, arts educator, and nationally-ranked skeeball roller, who has worked with the likes of Facebook, GAP, Apple, Adobe, Savoir Faire, Jacquard, and KRINK. Both his visual art and written work centers around horror, feminism, and mythology, and the intersections between these themes and their complex relationship with the world we live in. Colorful and figure-dominated, his visual work serves to highlight the female form, balancing sex appeal with danger; innocence with loss. Rick’s series of Hearts were inspired by the geographic changes San Francisco has undergone, starting from a wave-beaten, pre-colonial sandbar, “Past,” to the building of the Golden Gate bridge and the development of SF as an international hub of development, “Present,” to the skyscrapers and modernized big city that has been rebuilt by emerging technology, “Future.” Says Rick, “San Francisco has been an inspirational place to live throughout history, and the abstracted interpretation of its geography through history is my way of trying to invoke the spirit of each era”. For more information on Rick: http://rickkitagawa.com/

This sculpture is approximately 7 inches tall, 6 inches across (at the widest point), on a 3 x 3 inch square steel base and weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Shipping & handling cost included in sale price.