Research in Action, Partners in Health

At ZSFG, research plays an integral part not just in advancing knowledge about disease or the practice of medicine, but in the relationships between clinicians and patients formed either in trauma or primary care settings. With more than 800 active researchers on campus at any time, there are a lot of advances in research to follow. The Foundation recently honored one researcher, who is also a primary care physician and Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine, for applying his work on empowering patients with better health literacy and generating better health outcomes. Dr. Dean Schillinger’s numerous contributions in [...]

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Congratulations to the 2016 Hearts Grants Recipients

Through the Hearts Grants Program, the Foundation provides seed money for innovative hospital projects and initiatives that might otherwise go unfunded at Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG). Since 2004, with support from the Foundation’s Annual Fund and Heroes & Hearts Luncheon, the Hearts Grants Program has funded more than 400 grants totaling more than $10 million. Cancer Care Children’s Ultrasounds Currin-Carlisle Learning Center Financial Fitness Clinic Health Advocates HIVE ICARE Implementation Increasing Primary Care of Hepatitis C Inspiring Hope in Recovery Initiative MedShare Hospital Greening Program Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Education Program Model Cell and Leadership System Multidisciplinary Assessment Clinic Mural [...]

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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give

"I wanted to spend part of my summer vacation giving back to my community. I started a read-a-thon and read more than 20 books in one week! My friends and family donated money for each book l read. I chose Zuckerberg San Francisco General to receive the funds raised, because I know it provides health services for people who need them the most. It was an awesome experience—I got to help people who needed it while doing something I love—reading. - Isabel Murray, age 8 Thanks to Isabel’s diligent reading, she raised more than $800 to support the mission of [...]

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