IGOT Donation

Our Mission: IGOT’s mission is to use the power of surgical education to save limbs and save lives in the developing world.


  • 6 MILLION people die from traumatic injuries every year
  • 2x > than deaths from HIV/AIDS/TB & Malaria COMBINED
  • Another 40 MILLION are permanently disabled every year


Empowering surgeons through education and research has an immediate and long term impact on the care of patients. EVERY surgeon who attends IGOT’s SMART Course goes on to teach an additional 3-5 surgeons.


A small fraction of the world’s research funds are allocated to orthopaedic injuries even though they account for more of the global burden.

$200 to $1: Research expenditures for HIV out number orthopaedic injury research


The world measures the effectiveness of interventions by tallying how much it costs to avert 1 year of life lost due to the disease (Cost per DALY averted)

When compared to HIV treatment at $300-$500 per DALY averted fracture care is $33 per DALY averted ($1 : $10)