Leonel and Reina

Leonel always hated hospitals, but with diabetes complicating his glaucoma and heart and blood issues, he needed help with his health. After seeing multiple specialists at ZSFG, his experience with the people at the hospital has changed him: he is as comfortable at ZSFG as he is in his own home.

Leonel said, “Before, I used to hate hospitals, you know? But I tell you, this place is really good for me.”


Pregnant with her fourth child, Myisha’s initial visits with her obstetrician should have been routine, but a consistent discomfort concerned her doctor. Myisha was diagnosed with Paget disease, a rare form of breast cancer. Working with clinicians from the Avon Comprehensive Breast Center, Myisha received individualized and coordinated care, so that her cancer could be treated and she could still carry her baby to term. She had successful cancer surgery late in her pregnancy and her healthy baby boy was born 3 weeks later. During chemotherapy and radiation treatment, when she was often too tired to even hold her newborn, it was the smiles from nurses and staff that gave her hope and helped get her through this very difficult time in her life. She and her family, including her son, are all doing great!

Myisha said, “When I walk through the doors of Avon, you see smiles. Even though you’re not smiling inside, you see smiles. You see comfort, you see love. They don’t make you feel like you’re alone in this. They make you feel like ‘Yes, we are in this together.’”

Lorena and Jordan

Lorena was going to be a mother for the first time, and was looking for support that would help her navigate both her and her baby’s needs. At ZSFG she discovered that the Family Birth Center offered her great birthing support, and she was pleasantly surprised with the additional services: a therapist, so she’d be ready for the challenge of being a single mom, and breastfeeding support, so she could nurture her new baby from the start. She felt everyone at the Family Birth Center supported her so she could be well-prepared to welcome her son Jordan into the world. Jordan now receives care at ZSFG, and Lorena is delighted with the warmth and expertise of his pediatrician.

Lorena said, “I was born in 1981 at SF General. My mother actually still gets her care at the hospital. When I was seven months pregnant, I met with a therapist on-site to help with the upcoming challenge of being a single mother. They also referred me to many programs such as prenatal programs, and breastfeeding and other classes. They wanted to make sure that I was prepared to welcome my son and for me to be ready for him to thrive!”