Hearts Grants

2021 Grant Request For Proposals (RFP) Instructions

Hearts Grants proposals are to be submitted directly to San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) through the submission link on the Foundation’s grants portal and not through the UCSF Contract and Grants Office or other hospital departments. Applicants are required to attain approval of their proposed project with a ZSFG Executive and UCSF Service Chief by June 8, 2021.


The Hearts Grant program will be centered around supporting the staff and patients at ZSFG. These grants can range between $5,000 – $50,000, but other requests may also be considered in addition to both one- and two-year grant requests. Multi-year funding is distributed annually and is contingent upon completion of an interim report.


Requests for capital equipment (except ambulatory care equipment that are END OF LIFE in Building 5 only), EHR, LCR, or IT system change requests, basic institutional operational or overhead materials and supplies costs, personnel/salaries, or basic scientific and/or clinical research will NOT be considered for funding.


Completed applications that comply with the Hearts Grants guidelines will be submitted for review by the Hearts Grants Committee. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in a declined application. Please note that select applicants may be requested to briefly present their proposed project to the Committee and will be briefed prior to the meeting.


Grant Period:

1 year: October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022
2 year: October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2023


Application Window:

May 3, 2021 12:00 pm PT – June 15, 2021 11:59 pm PT


Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 15 by 11:59pm


To Apply:

Applications must be submitted online through the Common Grant Application. If you have not previously applied for a Hearts Grants, click on “New User? Register Here” and follow the onscreen instructions to register. Returning applicants may use existing log-in info.
Paper or e-mail copies are not accepted. 

2021 Funding Priorities

Care for All: Equity and Inclusion 


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation strengthens the city’s public safety net by nurturing cross-sector community partnerships and supporting Zuckerberg San Francisco General with integrating social determinants of health into its clinical care. We aim to apply the lens of equity in order to purposefully address those most impacted by structural inequities in our community and meeting them where they are.


Prior grantee examples include:


  • A Latino grief support equity initiative that created new grief and loss support services for ZSFG’s Spanish-speaking community. This first-of-its-kind program developed and expanded spiritual care services for Spanish-speaking patients through targeted outreach, group support, and 1:1 counseling. 
  • A hospital-led equity group that focuses on black/African American male staff provides a space for facilitated conversations about their needs and offers facilitation training to address challenges in the workplace and help identify solutions for an improved experience on campus. 


Transforming Health Care: Innovation and Leadership 


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation invests in Zuckerberg San Francisco General’s efforts to test, innovate, and incubate new and transformative models of care with emphases on whole-person care, team-based approaches, and continuous quality improvements.


Prior grantee examples include:


  • A program that serves victims of violent crime through assertive wraparound outreach, ongoing assessment, evidence-based mental health treatment, and case management to address needs. This program has replicated its innovative model of care across the state and the country.  
  • A multidisciplinary team of social workers, pharmacists, RNs, MDs, and DPH partners introduced a systemic approach to provide ED patients and staff with safe alternative options to repeated hospitalization by connecting patients with medical and social services in the community. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access and get started with my online application?  

Applications must be submitted online through the Common Grant Application. If you have not previously applied for a Hearts Grants, click on “New User? Register Here” and follow the onscreen instructions to register. Returning applicants may use existing log-in info. Paper or e-mail copies are not accepted.  You can also click on this video to learn how to apply: 


Can I request funding to purchase equipment or IT support?  

Yes, through vetting of hospital capacity.

Vetting parameters:

  • Domain lead sponsorship from one of the Epic domains, for Epic-related requests
  • Apps should adhere to HL7 and FHIR standards, ideally participating in the Epic App Orchard to maximize chances of future integration with SFDPH Epic and SFDPH MyChart. Note: We cannot commit to Epic integration but this increases the chances.
  • The proposal should describe how digital equity would be addressed
  • Any IT-related project receiving a Hearts Grant may need to pass a formal privacy/security/data assessment. Exclusions include (but not limited to): 1) IT infrastructure to be installed in ZSFG clinical spaces (e.g. webcams, speakers, kiosks); 2) Software to be installed in SFDPH virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment; and 3) PHI sharing (uploading patient data to a cloud platform or sharing patient information in a report) with any external organization or business that does not have Data Sharing Agreement and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with SFDPH
  • Feasibility: Proposals requiring a new vendor contract are likely infeasible given the timelines required.
  • Sustainability: Proposals requiring ongoing software or device should maintenance describe a plan for operational funding after the Hearts grant is concluded.

For IT-related questions, please contact Neda Ratanawongsa (


Can I request funding for personnel?  

No, HG funding is not designated for personnel expenses.


Can I request funding for consultants or independent contractors?  

This will be case by case and need to be approved by the Foundation before contractors can initiate services. Please reference the consultant parameters included in application documents.


Can I apply for multiple grants at once?  

Yes, but because of limited funding, we typically do not fund more than one project per program.


Does the Foundation offer multi-year grants?  

Yes, this year’s grant funding cycle will be for the grant period of

1 year: Oct 1, 2021- September 30, 2022
2 year: Oct 1, 2021- September 30, 2023


When will I know if my application is selected for funding?  

Award announcements will be in mid-September 2021.


Can I contact the Foundation if I have specific questions about whether my project meets Hearts Grants guidelines and funding priorities?  

Yes, please contact the Foundation at




For more information, please watch the 2021 Hearts Grants Applicant Webinar: