While aiding physical and mental health are the main objectives of any major hospital, San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (The General) houses a unique program dedicated to connecting and enhancing physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health for patients, staff members, and the community. Through the support of donors and volunteers, the Community Wellness Program (CWP) offers a variety of diverse activities aimed at improving overall wellness, including yoga, Zumba and salsa classes to improve physical strength, Healing Harp services to reduce stress and anxiety, and cooking classes to support balanced nutrition on a budget.

Wellness for All is the program’s latest project, designed to attract high-risk and hard to reach patients to the Community Wellness Program, by integrating culturally and linguistically tailored wellness activities and services.  The program also aims to continue strengthening the existing wellness programs to ensure they remain relevant and accessible.  After surveying more than 100 program participants, the program found that 92% reported a moderate to high level of stress reduction, 81% reported an increase in energy, and 79% reported a decrease in depression/anxiety.

In order to implement Wellness for All, the Community Wellness Program was awarded a $50,664 Hearts Grant from San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Hearts Grants are made possible from unrestricted donor support and provide start-up money for innovative hospital programs and initiatives that would not otherwise receive funding.  Over the past year, The Wellness for All project has increased patient participation by 54%.

The Community Wellness Program is dedicated to providing opportunities that allow the hospital’s most vulnerable patients to enhance their physical and mental health, while interacting with peers.  CWP has had a profound impact on its patient participants and is one of The General’s most popular programs. However, it still needs funding.  Click here learn more about the Community Wellness Program or donate.

View a brief video highlighting stories of patients, community members, and staff on their journey to wellness! To view the full 18 minute documentary, please visit SFGHwellness.org