Thank You To Our Supporters

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our donors for their gifts and pledges to the ZSFG COVID-19 Fund as of August 19, 2020.
Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is on the frontlines of this pandemic, and they could not care for San Francisco without all of you. Thank you.




ZSFG COVID-19 Fund Donors



Rufus Abercrombie
Sally Abrams
Thomas L. Adams
Affirm Cares Employee Foundation
Bruce H. Agid
Stephanie Ainza
Rodolfo and Delia Ajoste
Dolores C. Alejo
Gabriela Alexander
Loretta M. Alforque
Mary Allen
Walker Allen
Placida Almendarez
Gerald J. Amundson
Aurora C. Ancheta
Catherine F. Anderson
Cecilia Angat
Barbara M. Angeli
Jeanne Angier
Brady Anthony-Brumfield
Georgia Arnautou
Christine Arthur
Elizabeth L. Ashley
Eli Atkins
Raymundo and Evanswinda Badua
Jonathan Baer
Pam and Larry Baer and Family
Zachary Baer
Joshua Ballard
Mary L. Ballard
Theodore J. Ballas
Maria A. Balmaceda
John Balmes and Sherry Katz
Gabrielle Banatao
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Vanda Baptista and John Majka
Richard Barker
Beverly F. Barnett
Bonnie Baron
Jennifer Battat
Estela Bejar-Mccovey
Richard Beleson and Kim Beleson
John Bell and Alison South
Robert M. Bellina
Margie and George Belluomini
Jeremy and Jenny Benjamin
Amy and Matt Berler
Mark Berman and Josie Howard
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Robert Besso
Michael Bien
Carol and Bruce Bird
Elyse Blatt
Zachariah Bleach
Evan Bloom
Jared Bogert
Susan B. Boshwit
Bruce Botsford
Brenda Bottum
Tammy A. Braas-Hill
Jane R. Brady
Ginger Brajkovich
Alfred and Therese Brandi
Michael and Catherine Breen
Victoria Breslin
Adria Brown
Alison Brown
Dylan Brown
Michael Brown
Brown Real Estate Group
Laine Buckingham
Donna Bull
Maggie R. Bullocks
Patricia Burns
Amy Busch and Kevin Cameron
Matthew Bush
Susan Butenhoff
Vasteen Caldwell
Charles R. Calme
James M. Campbell, MD
Jose and Ana Canas
Jien Cao
Yanni Cao
Capital Group
Roger V. Cardenas
Carmen F. Carino
Alison and Donald Carlson
Diane C. Carr, RN, NP
Matias N. Carrasco
John C. Carrillo
Rosa M. Carrillo
Jenna Casey
Lyman and Carol Casey
Rachelle Celebrezze
Jack Chai
Jen Chaiken
Kenneth and Alice Chan
David and Joanne Chan
Irene Chan
Pak Chan and Jenny Wong
Lee Chandler
Amy L. Chang
Doris C. Chang
Quyen Chang
Herbert J. Chatmon
Danny Chen
Raymond and Emmy Cheng
Jagannadha Chetlapalli
Loretta S. Chietti
Warren and Shirley Ching
Michael P. Chiu
Gerry D. Chow
Jim and Cora Chow
Tsing-Yang Chow and Chuk Ching Wang
Donghoon Chun
Chun Yang Fund
Mary N. Clancy
Charles Clark and Arlene Waksberg
James D. Clary
Andrew W. Clavijo
George and Sheri Clyde
Rosa Colindres
Stephen and Beverly Conrad
Samantha Consani
Mariano D. Consul
Jose and Belia Coreas
Mark and Sophie Costigan
Jonathan R. Crabtree
Katelyn Craft
William and Lucy Crain
Anne and Matthew Cramer
Patricia Crone
John Crumrine
Cody W. Culbertson
Dorothy A. Cunningham
Paula D’Oyen and Henry Burns
Julia and Jude Damasco
Ruth E. Dark
Deborah J. Davidson
Evie Davis
Richard and Laura Davis
Sharon A. de Wit
Nicholas B. Decker
Estrella M. Dela C