A Grateful Family’s Expression of Thanks

Brendan Burkart was riding his scooter home after work in North Beach when the accident happened. He has no memory of the collision itself, but knows a cab driver saw his body on the pavement outside the Broadway Tunnel, made a u-turn to block traffic, and called 911, most likely saving his life. When the paramedics arrived a few minutes later, they found one of Brendan’s ribs had punctured his lung, and it was filling with fluid. The paramedics knew Brendan was close to dying, and so they rushed him to The General. He spent the next five days being [...]

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The General Saved My Life

In 2010 San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center saved my life. I was riding my bicycle on Valencia, on my way to work, and got into a terrible wreck. I hit a rock in the road, lost complete control of the bicycle and went through the back window of a parked car. I cut my neck wide open (24 cm), slicing my jugular vein and lost 5 liters of blood on the scene. I was rushed to The General where I had a stroke and nearly died. This year I'm turning 30, and I know I wouldn't be alive [...]

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Giving Back

In 2011, Charles Charnas' life was saved when he was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital after falling unexpectedly and suffering a traumatic brain injury while attending a Tony Bennett concert at Davies Symphony Hall. Soon after experiencing firsthand the incredible, lifesaving work that takes place at The General every day, he and his wife Margaret became enthusiastic supporters of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. In Charles' words: I am alive today because of the consistent, high-quality care I received from the doctors, nurses and staff at The General. I don’t remember the evening of my injury, and I don't [...]

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