Stories from the Heart | ZSFG and Community: Strengthening the Bonds

Leonel and Reina Leonel always hated hospitals, but with diabetes complicating his glaucoma and heart and blood issues, he needed help with his health. After seeing multiple specialists at ZSFG, his experience with the people at the hospital has changed him: he is as comfortable at ZSFG as he is in his own home. Leonel said, “Before, I used to hate hospitals, you know? But I tell you, this place is really good for me.” Myisha Pregnant with her fourth child, Myisha’s initial visits with her obstetrician should have been routine, but a consistent discomfort concerned her doctor. Myisha was [...]

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Helping Hands for Better Health

There are dozens of clinics at ZSFG, and in many of them you may find a volunteer from Health Advocates screening patients for social or legal issues that may prove difficult to navigate. As a result, patients benefit from a wide range of resources volunteers can access on their behalf, which address housing or food insecurity, mental health or educational concerns, or public assistance support. This unique program is helping patients improve their quality of life, which in turn improves their or their families’ health outcomes. Anais Amaya, the Health Advocates program director, says “There was this misconception that health [...]

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Research in Action, Partners in Health

At ZSFG, research plays an integral part not just in advancing knowledge about disease or the practice of medicine, but in the relationships between clinicians and patients formed either in trauma or primary care settings. With more than 800 active researchers on campus at any time, there are a lot of advances in research to follow. The Foundation recently honored one researcher, who is also a primary care physician and Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine, for applying his work on empowering patients with better health literacy and generating better health outcomes. Dr. Dean Schillinger’s numerous contributions in [...]

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