Donor Spotlight: Why I Give

"To this day, my family and I are truly grateful for the doctors, nurses and trauma ICU team at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. They are the ones who saved our mom’s life when she was severely injured after being hit by a speeding car while crossing the street 6 years ago. She would not be here with us today if not for the hospital’s quick, attentive, and aggressive treatment and care. We want to give back to the hospital so it can do more for those in our community in the event that something unfortunate like this happens again. That [...]

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Advanced Care in the New ZSFG Trauma Center

Cutting-edge technology and brand-new facilities do not a Level 1 trauma center make. But they can bring a great deal of efficiency to the process of delivering sensational, compassionate care to patients and loved ones living out their worst nightmares. Zuckerberg San Francisco General opened the doors of its new, nine-story, seismically safe building in 2016. Trauma surgeon Dr. Peggy Knudson and surgical nurse Ana Claudia Pereira have served the most seriously injured patients of San Francisco and northern San Mateo County for 28 and 10 years, respectively, from the hospital’s emergency department. They agree that the new facility has [...]

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Hope in the Moment of Crisis

Kristin Vines had never given much thought to where her three young boys would receive medical care if ever badly injured. When she got the call last September that her six-year-old son Zachery was being taken by ambulance to the hospital, she headed to the medical center where their family received routine care. It was the wrong destination for the treatment her son needed. “I was hysterical. I didn’t understand what my husband was telling me on the phone. Even had I realized right away that Zachery needed trauma care, I wouldn’t have known where to immediately go,” Vines says. [...]

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