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A Beacon of Hope

Christina Benson is a lifelong East Coast resident who might never have known about The General, if not for her younger brother Carl. Now she is one of The General’s most dedicated supporters. In the late 1980s, Carl moved to San Francisco where “the gay community enabled him to blossom,” says Christina. That same community cared for him after he contracted AIDS. Part of that care network included the doctors and staff at The General, where Carl was treated. “The hospital was like ground zero for AIDS then,” Christina recalls. “The quality and dedication of the people who treated Carl [...]

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Wellness Program

“Living Wellness,” a newly released documentary about the Community Wellness Program at the San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, shows the immense impact healthy eating and an active lifestyle can have on patients of The General. Diana Coffa, MD, a doctor at the Family Health Center at The General, is thrilled to be able to refer her patients to a powerful resource like the Wellness Program that can help them achieve the lifestyle changes she often recommends. “We’re seeing a lot more diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, cancer – things that are much more complex in origin and have a [...]

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Preventing Perinatal HIV

This year, the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center (BAPAC) celebrates a decade of preventing HIV transmission from mother to child in 100% of its patients. This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to the team’s compassionate, patient-focused care and shows that with current technology and antiretroviral drugs, pediatric HIV is largely preventable. Angela is one of the 30 pregnant women with HIV that receive treatment and support from BAPAC each year. “I went to the public health center to do an overall screening and that included HIV/AIDS. [The nurse’s] face went flush white, and I knew I was positive. When I [...]

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