Congratulations to the 2020 Hearts Grantees


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) awarded 22 grants at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG) that directly impact on-the-ground innovative equity initiatives at the hospital. Championed by staff and departments, these funded projects will ensure health equity and patient care remain at the center of their work during this unprecedented year. 

Made possible by generous donations to the Foundation, Hearts Grants has awarded over 500 grants and $12 million dollars since 2004. Initially designed as a way to supplement patient care at San Francisco’s only public hospital, the Hearts Grants program has grown to foster new ideas, fund creative approaches to patient care, and place value on programs fighting inequities in healthcare delivery. 

This year’s grantees showcase the variety of ways staff at ZSFG are working for a more equitable future for both staff and the patients they care for. Several of the 2019 Hearts Grantees are receiving a new round of funding, allowing these departments to continue their excellent work in early childhood literacy, staff wellness, and building trust among staff. 

Zero through Three wraparound services: 

Child and Maternal Health continues to be a priority area for the Foundation, ZSFG, and the City of San Francisco. Several Hearts Grantees are focused on ways to bring healthcare to women and children outside of the hospital walls through pop-up clinics in neighborhoods like the Bayview, underwriting doulas that work specifically in underserved communities, encouraging the use of health outreach workers, and ensuring women can receive legal and mental health resources during their medical check-ups. 

Whole Person Care in a pandemic: 

For our clinicians on the frontlines, issues like housing, food insecurity, and access to resources became clear as patients faced the pandemic. Several Hearts Grants will fund initiatives that tie food pantries and other necessities to patient visits and provide supplies for families with school-aged children. 

Patient Education in a digital world: 

Hearts grants were awarded to several programs focusing on how best to reach patients with much of medicine going virtual this year. This includes creating more digital resources for patients in their native languages, setting patients up with new ways to monitor their vitals from home, and providing safe transportation to the hospital when they do need to be seen. 

Equity Training for Providers: 

To ensure that ZSFG is providing the best care to all of its patients, its essential for employees to have the time and space to discuss the ways