Every year, the Foundation awards grants for innovative hospital projects and initiatives that would otherwise go unfunded. Ranging from new models of care to essentail staff education, the Hearts Grantees show was on-the-ground innovation can mean for our community.

Congratulations to the 2019 Hearts Grants recipients

  • ED Nurses Mindful Wellbeing and Retention $4,525
    Support the Nurses Mindful Wellbeing program, aimed to reduce burnout and increase ED nurse retention.

  • Improving Pediatric Perioperative Experience $5,090
    Provide children and families a positive and comforting experience during the perioperative period. 

  • Comfort Garden Poetry Walk $5,859
    Display patient poetry in artist-made kiosks to provide patient comfort.

  • Health Advocates Strengthening Systems $7,389
    Increase the number of families screened for social and legal needs by modifying the Children’s Health Center workflow.

  • ZSFG Refugee Health Symposium $11,107
    Host a symposium to increase refugee awareness and provide resources for clinicians to ensure best practices and care for refugee, asylum seeker, and undocumented patients.

  • Men’s Cancer Survivor Series $11,740
    Establish a Men’s Cancer Survivor Breakfast series to provide men with cancer emotional support and a safe space to share experience and advanced care planning.

  • Fatty Liver Education $12,450
    Develop a patient education class about fatty liver disease and lifestyle modifications to improve liver function.

  • Reducing Sweet Beverage Consumption – Educational Video $12,500
    Develop an educational video for Latino parents and caregivers to avoid consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages

  • Pharmacy Leadership Strategic Planning and Team Retreat $14,066.84
    Support a Leadership Strategic Planning and Team Retreat to build stronger staff relationships.

  • Night Staff Equity Pop-up Lounge $14,500
    Support 12 pop-up lounges, providing ZSFG night staff an opportunity to learn and participate in facilitated conversations about health equity.