Taking the Equity Discussion Online

Some exciting new ways we are seeing equity show up at ZSFG is through programs that focus on the heart and soul of ZSFG - staff.     This year, ZSFG’s Director of Equity and Wellness, Anh Thang Dao-Shahhas ben creating programming that gives staff a voice in hospital decisions, shares information widely, and provides a space to learn.    And thanks to a 2019 Hearts Grant, this has also meant that these messages reach not only 9-5 staff, but also those who work the night shift. Her team worked to create a series of workshops that would give those working overnights the chance to participate in a new series of Equity Pop-Ups - focused on issues [...]

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Staying Healthy After the Visit

Masks are the new normal here in San Francisco - both inside ZSFG and around the city.    When universal masking quickly became a part of life in San Francisco earlier this year, and with hospital-grade PPE is such short supply, Bay Area crafters with a bit of talent started creating their own.    But for patients experiencing economic hardships, ZSFG staff knew this added expense would make it difficult for many of their patients to keep themselves and their families safe.    While the family medicine clinics were thinking of ways to offer free masks to their families, a wonderful group of volunteers from My New Red Shoes was hard [...]

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