Fuel Our Heroes SF

For a group of Dartmouth College students, time spent away from campus this spring brought about a desire to make an impact while at home. So a model to support frontline workers was born. Fuel Our Heroes, a chapter-based crowdfunding initiative, is now fundraising to support local hospitals during COVID-19 in 14 different cities across the US and Canada. Fuel Our Heroes SF, the local chapter spearheaded by Luke Rohlen and seven other Bay Area college students, is rooted in a long-standing family connection to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG). According to Luke, he has always felt a draw to [...]

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Hearts and Shapes

For Karin Flood and her family, the Flood Building is an important member of the family. Built in honor of James C. Flood in 1904, this building has been cared for by a long line of James Floods - most recently her late father, Jim Flood. During its restoration in the 1990s, the landmark building on Market Street was often surrounded by barricades. And Jim, dedicated to revitalizing the area, asked neighborhood children to help beautify barriers with painted murals.  So when storefronts around the city began boarding up their windows, the flagship corner location of The Gap included, [...]

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