Making a Trip to the ER Less Scary

As the only Level-1 trauma center in the city, the pediatric emergency unit within the Emergency Department sees families in a time of real crisis. With so much happening to a young patient, it became really apparent that there needed to be someone advocating for our youngest patients. The Child Life Specialist is a relatively new position for ZSFG. Christine Sowar has been on staff for just under a year now and is on-call to meet families as soon as they arrive. From the ambulance bay to the treatment rooms, Christine is on hand to give patients and [...]

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Update from the ICU

The Medical ICU at ZSFG has been on the frontlines, caring for our sickest COVID-positive patients in addition to other patients with complex medical illnesses.  In just one month, the ICU admitted 38 patients, ranging in age from 28 to 92. Three quarters of these patients were male, and 24 of them, or almost 2/3, were mechanically ventilated. One month later, 29 were transferred out of the ICU and 17 of them have actually gone home. Only one has passed away. Thank you to Joy Capacillo, RN and the ICU team for creating a diagram demonstrating some of what [...]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on SF Latino Communities

Advancing Equity Newsletter, Issue April 2020 Cristina Padilla, ZSFG Equity Council Member; DPH Communications We have seen that Latinos, among other groups, often bear the burden of issues of inequity. The COVID-19 pandemic is another manifestation of the stark disparities that exist. In San Francisco (SF), the most recent data tracker statistics show that 25% of COVID-19 infections are among the Latino community. This means they are disproportionately represented, as they only comprise of 15% of the SF population. Even more important is that the on-the-ground experience at ZSFG shows a different reality – 80% of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 [...]

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