PIER 39 Displays Heart

Last week, PIER 39 unveiled their newest piece of art, one of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s Hearts in San Francisco sculptures. The 2014 “heartwork” by artist Patrick Dintino, is titled “Open Heart” and is permanently located on Level 1 at the picturesque Bay End of Pier 39. “PIER 39 is iconic to San Francisco, as are the hearts that we see throughout the City,” said Connie Shanahan, President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Each year, artists create new hearts to support the City’s only Trauma Center. We are thrilled to have this heart on display, and to welcome [...]

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Leading the Way in Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

Nearly two million Americans sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) every year, and over five million develop chronic disabilities from their TBI related injuries. Not only are the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury physically and mentally devastating, but financial costs are overwhelming. An estimated $77 billion is spent on direct and indirect TBI medical costs in the United States yearly. In response to this overwhelming public health issue, doctors at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (The General) are dedicated to treating the frequently destructive outcomes of TBI. In addition to their work locally, physicians from The General are [...]

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Investing in the Future of Health Care

Helping people fight disease and recover from trauma is only part of the wellness equation. When patients leave their physician’s office or are discharged from the hospital, they need to return to environments that support their total health. That’s the mantra of Kaiser Permanente, a health care organization with more than 70 years of experience. “Kaiser Permanente shares The General’s long history in the Bay Area and its commitment to providing high quality care. We’re proud to provide funding and clinical expertise that’s advancing innovative technologies and programs that take patient care to an even higher level,” says Christine Robisch, [...]

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