Innovating Care in Orthopaedics

2013 was the deadliest year of the past seven for pedestrians in San Francisco. The survivors of these accidents often looked to the expertise of the surgeons at the Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (OTI) at The General to ensure their recovery. The OTI continues to innovate the care of patients with musculoskeletal injuries and has been working to share their expertise with other health care institutions throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Most recently, the OTI has partnered with Regional Medical Center of San Jose and Davies Medical Center, also in San Francisco, to provide patient care at those institutions. The [...]

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Hearts Events 2014

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s signature events - Heroes & Hearts and Hearts After Dark - brought together nearly 2,000 of our community’s most generous and passionate supporters for a celebration that reminded us all of the indispensable role San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center plays in our community. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our event sponsors and our guests, together we raised $1.8 million to benefit San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s mission to promote excellence in research, education and care for all at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. We hope the Hearts events imparted the [...]

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Supporting Healthy Communities

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo is committed to the communities it serves, and where its team members live and work. “People have dreams and aspirations for themselves and their families. At the most elemental level, for people to be in a position to fulfill their goals and for communities to be vibrant, it all begins with people having their health,” explains Michael F. Billeci, president of Wells Fargo’s San Francisco Bay region. “That’s why Wells Fargo is proud to support The General, a world-class hospital and research institution that is at the forefront of keeping San Francisco and Bay Area residents [...]

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